Round 8 Wrap

For 2 of the games of this round we had absolute crackers of games but the others I am not so sure.

How good though was that Showdown. My thought, was as I sat in the North-Western pocket, that it would have actually been a lot fairer if Motlop had of kicked a point in the final seconds instead of a goal as that would have brought us our first Showdown draw.

Let’s have a look at the numbers that count….


100 what has happened to all the winning sides kicking over 100 points in a game. The scores seem to be coming down and down.

0 with Carlton getting their first win against the Bombers who have really lost their way we are left with only one side with Zero wins. But ya can't bag the Lions as once again they put up a really good effort but just fell short.

5 It was the other super game with the great finish Hawks v Swans but what a difference in the sides. Just like the continued woefulness of St Kilda’s kicking (again having scored 1 goal 5 at half time, a disgrace) Hawks lost the game also due to bad kicking. Hawks kicked 1 goal 5 behinds to Sydney 5 goals straight. Off course that will lose them the game!

29 Crows have had their troubles with so many injuries this year and now we hear Brad crouch may well be finished for the season that hasn’t started yet and McGovern is out for 8 weeks. Oh my lord, with all these injuries they have seemed to stay pretty settled only using 29 players this year but I think that will soon change into the 30’s with possibly Jacob’s out this week as well.

6 yes ok I hear you, you PPEEEEAAAARRRR supporters. Yes Robbie Gray is pretty good and yes he kicked 6 straight yeah yeah yeah I can hear ya!!!

7 GWS crap again, what the heck is going on with them. They got trounced by the travelling Eagles who now make it 7 wins in a row.

6 tipsters picked a pretty good 8 this week. With an old favourite Nab being the closest to Friday night's points to win the chocolates, oh I mean ODV Sherrin. Well done Nab.

54 I haven’t looked at the leaderboard for a while and it is a bit of a bottle neck up there with 4 tipsters crammed into top spot on 54 and a pile more on 53 and me coming 190th. Good times!

7 you talk about Robbie Gray and his 6 goals what about Ben Ronke of Sydney kicking 7 goals in his 3rd game.

6,060 wholly Molly where are the crowds going?? This is all we saw for the Gold Coast Melbourne game.


Catch you on Friday Tipsters!!


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