Round 7 Wrap

Wow it’s Thursday, where has this week gone.

Better late than never I guess.


Let’s have a look at a few number that count….


9 hsut,  cracked a perfect 9 which was quite amazing as he was the only one whilst 100’s people got 8. You would have thought a few more may have pulled a 9 off. Well done hsut. I look forward to catching up with you and finding out the mystery of that name.

4 home games and only 1 win against GWS. Whilst they have won every game on the road and they were agains Geelong at Geelong West Coast and Bulldogs. What is going on Sydney, I feel so sorry for your home fans coming out to watch.

1 couple of 1 game suspensions this week. 1 that should have got more and 1 that should not have got any. What are your thoughts? Let me know.

61 I am dismayed at what is going on with GWS, I feel like for the first time that maybe the coaching staff need to look at themselves. GWS should not be getting a 61 point flogging anywhere.

6 & 7 normally it’s a stairway to heaven but the Bombers they like building a stairway to hell. Have a look at their charts the past 2 rounds after being infront by 6 points and 7 points in their last 2 games they have have had such similar results.

Graph Graph 2


42 pts drubbing which was pretty sad to see. One side you could say that it was good that the Eagles finally won a game against a quality side in Port, but now all the experts are starting to doubt whether Port are a quality side. Lets hope they can turn it around in 2 weeks time!

5 The Crows did what they should have I guess against their feeder side. Only sad thing about this game is that there didn’t seem to be any recruits left for Adelaide to pick up next year. Was great to se McGovern come out with his best game this year kicking 5.


Round 8 starts tomorrow so catch you again then.

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