Round 4 Wrap

Bit late in the week but better late than never hey Footy Tippers!

Round 4 is behind us and a lot of teams this week are certainly glad of it.

Let's have a look at the numbers that count…..


9 say what!!! Say yes, there was an amazing tipster with a name of Cocka who cleaned up with a perfect 9 this week. And I can tell you that this guy is also a red-hot Crows supporter!!! What Crows supporter would ever go for Collingwood I ask? All kept in the family as well as his daughter Matilda was our Round 2 winner. This house is going to be full of ODV Sherrin’s.

53 this was the average winning score over the 9 games over the weekend. Certainly, a lot of whitewashes! Looking at some of those results my biggest feeling is we are in for a very even year with lots of ups and downs.

45,000 I thought it was fabulous to see so many Crows fans venture out to what their side last Friday night in horrific conditions BUT I ask, why do so many of them Crows supporters turn on their players. I hate how just because their side has a bad night they just abuse their own players even to the point of booing. Just enjoy the contest and try and get behind your own.

27.5 It’s nice to see young Brandan Parfitt having such a good season this year after his best on ground performance on the weekend which has him coming 3rd on the Player rating ladder with a score of 27.5. He was my early pick last year for rising star but injury stole that from me. Even more amazing that he is standing out of a Geelong side stacked with the champions.

28 Both Dave Darzins and Reet scored a 7 this week and with that they both sit 1 point clear on the early ODV footy tipping ladder. That could be me!

7 and that number comes from Channel 7 and Commonwealth games. I join a queue in asking why do so many people care about a closing ceremony so much when no one ever even watches it??

0 Is this a turn around for Collingwood. Is this the first time in years that they have played a full game of football with zero injuries. Of late they can’t even walk to training or do the family shopping without a couple of injuries. Go you good things!

17 dear oh dear and I thought Brisbane were on the turn around after their performance against Port. Dear oh Dear!!

6 and 5 Ben “Sideshow Bob” Brown and Dusty (I am the man) Martin both had great games in front of goal and both these players actually kicked more goals than the team they played against.


Ok I will catch up with you again in a couple of days when we can all do this again.

Bye for now.


Darren Cheek

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