Round 3 Wrap

Howdy All fellow Tipsters


As we say good bye to Round 3 it seems that the numbers that count this week seem to be all about 3’s, Let's have a look.


3 There is only 3 stand out teams so far in the comp. They are Brisbane, Carlton and Port Adelaide. The first being the only sides to have lost 3 games and the Power being the only side to win all 3 games and sit pretty on top of the ladder.

3 metres more in the dying seconds of the Port game and things may have been totally different though. It was a big sigh of relief I heard as the mark was taken by the Power backman.

3 only took 3 rounds for Ablett to be injured and now out of the game.

3 we now have bitegate thanks to the luck of the Irish. Conor McKenna took a liking to Tory Dickson's neck on the weekend having a little nibble. Word is that he will get 3 games for his actions and that on his return he will also be made to wear a face mask aka Hannibal Lector for a further 3 games.

3 St Kilda have won only 3 of its last 10 games to the horror of their fans whilst Adelaide have now beaten St Kilda 9 times in a row. (32)

3 games in and Eddie finally kicks 3 sausage rolls and all the Adelaide fans take a sigh of relief that Eddie is back.

8 well you have all messed up the runs of 3’s but 26 of you scored a very impressive 8 this week with James Nenke being the best with also the perfect margin in Friday nights clash. Congrats James. A mini Sherrin is coming your way, send me an email to arrange your weekly prize

3 it's only early days but coming 3rd is last years winner, Mitchboy, of the $800 1st prize with a score of 20 but there are 2 above him Reet and Dave Darzins on 21.


Catch you on Friday with Round 4


Darren Cheek

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