Round 22 Wrap

Howdy Tipsters,

Surprises and many firsts and firsts for a long time still continue in the game of AFL 2018.

Let’s have a look at some of them and the numbers that count……..


9 there were 9 people who pulled off a real coo scoring a perfect 9. Pity the people coming 4th to 15th didn’t do the same. The best of them was the Hawthorn JAEGERMEISTER who was only 5 points off the Friday winning margin. Bad luck to the other 8, awesome tipping. Hear from you soon Jaegermeister, send me an email to arrange your weekly prize.

141  to the leaders board with 1 round to go. Well doesn’t look like any of the top 10 went off and risked jumping up the ladder to claim a last ditched victory with all the top 5 picking 7 winners. Big Olly, Gazza and Jai Koirala took a winning stab and scored 8 to jump into the Top 10 with Big Olly the highest who is equal 3rd with only margin points keeping him down. 1 more round like that though and he is in the money!! Mitchboy and Heafy keep their number 1 and 2 spot with Mitchboy on 141.

100 Crows finish off with a game against the Blues this week. I can tell the Crows one sure way of winning. Just kick 100 points, if you can do this you win! Carlton have not kicked 100 points in a game now since round 11, 2016.

23 How disgraceful were Fremantle and they have no excuse! With the players they still got in the side they have 23 to zip goals kicked against them. What are they doing down there as you also add in the re-signing of Bennell and Balantyne. Will a team ever in the history of AFL have 23 goals to nothing kicked against them, EVER and again. I can not see how is (or was) possible.

36 first time for 36 years that Richmond has been minor premiers.

12 years since Melbourne have played finals. Listening to SEN this morning you would think the finals are next week. Fans ringing in crying and telling what it meant to them. Was quite cute.

20 in a row now for Richmond. It is like they are chasing Winx’s record. It is probably the “chasing an upset” in me but I just feel that run is going come tumbling down when finals begin this year.

50 Port have been disappointing this year, especially when they were in 2nd spot 6 games ago to have lost 5 of them to now miss out on finals. One things the same each game though they seem to complain about something as to why the lost. Now it is Motlop’s fault. He gave away a 50 and just because of this was the reason Collingwood kicked 8 in a row. Oh please.

2011 Adelaide have also had a very disappointing year like Port and with that it is the first time since 2011 that we have no SA representatives in September.

6 Carlton not having a good time of it in the 2000’s as it is now the 6th time they have managed to get the wooden spoon in the last 17 years.

18 it was the 18th minute mark of the last quarter and West Coast hit the front as all Melbourne supporters started swearing at the TV going, not again Demons, why do you always do this!!! But alas it was not to be as Melbourne fought off those demons of their own to end up winning by 17 and make it into the finals. I am told that The Good Guys are going to set up a Pop Up Shop in the snow over September for the increase need of TV’s

1 goal 1 mark. Eddie Betts game on the weekend was like my golf. I play crap all game and then on the 18th I finally hit a ripper of a shot on the 18th were I pick this gap through the trees, slice it around and drop it 2 feet from the hole. This then feeds me to come back and play again. Eddy was the same, just exciting us right at the end to show he is still worth getting excited about.


1 Round to go and let’s hope it’s a ripper Rita!!

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