Round 22

Good Afternoon Footy Tippers,

2 games to go! For the most of us, being far away from the prospects of being into the ODV feed bag, we can rest back and just start looking forward to the finals and the shaping of the Top 8 that can still happen with 11 sides still in the hunt for the top 8.

The people who need to keep stressing are



ROMEO 131*

BELS 131

MARC 131




These are probably the only ones in the hunt but who knows what results we are about to have this weekend. Looks like though the bods on 130 and below really need to go for a couple of roughies.


Lets have a look at this penultimate round.


Richmond v Essendon

There is likely up to 5 of games this weekend that all Port supports will be hanging on and this is the first. The question is, ARE the Tigers scared of playing Power in the finals. I ask this because they have decided to go into the game down 4 of their better players to give them a chance to go down to Yarra Valley to enjoy a nice bed and breakfast for the weekend. This could very well let Essendon get into the game. Richmond are due for a loss at the G as well. So if I were sitting on 129 I would hang for an upset here.

Bombers 9 pts


Collingwood v Port Adelaide

Quite obviously this is the 2nd of the games all Port supporters will be hanging out for but possibly now many will watch as they will be to scared to. Like most the sides this year sadly Power have been hit by some big injuries with  big Dixo out for the season and Ryder a huge ? mark. Who is the man that will save them though, well it aint Pepper the Pig as he still is on the outer. I think the likely hero will be the most famous Power player of all JACK WATTS. Yes old Jackie boy, most Power people keep asking the question as to why he is in the side before the likes of Pepper the Pig and even why is he in the side at all!! Most chats I have heard on the radio this week even Jackie boy has been their spokesman going into this round. Yes the time is right and all will be hail Jackie boy as king of Alberton after this week.

JW to kick 6 and Power to win by 18 pts.


Geelong v Fremantle

Game 3 for Power supporters with the Cats still scrambling to make finals but they do seem to have the easiest run. They start off with this game against the Dockers who travel down to the alphabet stadium. They do have a little plus as Nat Fyffe is back. Why would he though, why wouldn’t you just tell him to go start his holidays and just get him back for a pre-season early just like the Crows are hoping with Tex. Only chance Freo have to win is if Nat gets 40 touches and also kicks goals. That aint going to happen.

Cats 43 pts


Greater Western Sydney v Sydney

Derby time in the East. Another side decimated with injuries just before the start when the trials for the big dance are about to begin. It will be a tough call to pick the Giants but surely their 3,500 supporters at the ground can help bring them in for a win.  I so wish the Giants out of all the sides didn’t have so many injuries and took out the flag this year. I just love hearing them sing the song and those Jewish dancers come out. Have a look,

Giants 7 pts


Gold Coast v Brisbane

The big Queensland Darby the one we all get excited for! This game really means nothing except a bit of Queenslander pride. Lions defender Nick Robertson has called out the “soft” Gold Coast Suns saying "I think they take a bit of a backward step when blokes go hard at the footy” – this should put a bit of fire in the Suns belly to come out roaring to go. Hopefully giving a bit of fuel to this QClash and making for a competitive game of footy a mutual spectator can enjoy.

Lions by 28pts


St Kilda v Hawthorn

Unfortunately for us all Hawthorn have come good again and will make finals this year. It was nice while it lasted I guess. This should be easy for the Hawks who have won their past 4 games whilst St Kilda have lost their past 4. I saw an interesting stat regarding Alan Richardson’s coaching record as he will most likely get the boot, so I thought I would compare the two coaching records since 2014 when Richardson took over at St Kilda.


                                        Games Coached       Games Won     Games Lost     Draws

Alastair Clarkson        112                               74                        37                       1

Alan Richardson          108                              37                        69                        2


Hawks by 38pts


Carlton v Western Bulldogs

Carlton wouldn’t want to lose this game and risk not getting the wooden spoon award. The Doggies are trying to remember what it was like to string a few wins together as this should make it 3/3.

Doggies by 19pts


West Coast v Melbourne

Game 4 for Power supporters and finally a decent game worth watching. It seems Melbourne like to break their fans hearts and must think it’s fun to play awesome all year only to mess it up towards the business end of the season, making their last 2 games absolute MUST wins if they want to just make finals. McGovern’s after the siren goal against Port made me smile and made it almost definite for Eagles to finish 2nd and potentially get 2 home finals. The Dee’s have a couple of good in’s this week so they could just push the Eagles and I am leaning toward a upset win here.

Dees by 5pts


Adelaide v North Melbourne

Sad Drink    Game 5 for the Porties. Heartbreakingly a win for the Crows won’t mean much apart for giving the Crows supporters a good last home game of the season. The Kangaroo are another team who started out so well but stuffed it for themselves losing to the likes of the Bulldogs.  Last time the Crows played the Roo’s it was all over in the first quarter when they kicked 10 goals to zip o_O ..  McGovern, Knight, Kelly, Seedsman and Himmelberg are named this week, so Crows to win.  The most heartbreaking thing is for Port supporters as if they wish to make finals they also need to cheer their lungs out for a Crows victory. Crows by 17pts


Enjoy your weekend,  Go Crows!

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