Round 21 Wrap

Good Morning Tipsters,


The year has really been a packet of liquorice all sorts and this weekend was no different! Close results, weird results, more injury worries and sides that look to have the goods and yet again fall short of the mark. Talking about marks I didn’t think anyone would beat the 2 marks that happened in the Brisbane v Crows game a couple weeks back but tell the Swans that with Heeney taking a blinder this week. Check it out here..


Let’s have a look at the numbers that count……


134 with only 2 rounds left it is oh so important to highlight the leaders board today with the leader still being the quiet Mitchboy by 2. I say quiet as with all my comments on Mitchboy over the year I am still to have ever heard a whisper from him. I am not really sure if he exists, say g’day Mitchboy! With a few more upsets this week it looks like all the leaders are just taking a nap on HAVING A RED HOT GO taking all the safety picks. With this the rewards have gone to Bels this week as she scored 7 whilst all others up the top only managed the 5. She has launched herself up to equal 3rd spot now as with Romeo Vella been one of our very own here at ODV he is ineligible of winning a cash prize.

8 was the weekly winning number this week with 7 tipsters managing to do so. Our winner though was DIAMOND CLOUD (sweet name) who was only 2 points off the winning margin last fridee night. Please get in touch DIAMOND CLOUD for your prize. Not many people this year have been bothering to contact us for their prize which is sad. ☹

9 as Melbourne tried to get themselves in the top 8, once again they have fallen short against a top 8 side. In fact they sit on the ladder where they are with out beating a team in the top 9 this year.

1 and on the that theme we can even talk about Collingwood as they have only beaten 1 team in the top 8 this year and that team being Melbourne

2 don’t think Richmond have got the flag sealed up this year, you could look to sides like Sydney and West Coast who continually get the big wins with the injuries they have had and players missing. Whilst Richmond over the past year have never had more than 2 of their best players out. If they can continue with this run of luck then yes there is a chance.

10 just when we thought the Coleman Medal was in the bag to Sideshow Bob, Jumping Jack Riewoldt bags 10! What could have been if he didn’t also get 6 behinds as well

5 Melbourne and Brisbane have lost 5 games by 10 points or less now this year. The last side to do that was Richmond! Does that mean Demons or Lions are getting ready for a flag next year perhaps?

4 the demons return for Power against, what is starting to be their nemesis, West Coast did it to Power again bringing back the memories of last years finals. This time though was even worst. Port were winning from the start of the game until the end. The final siren went and they were in front the entire game but Eagles had a kick left outside of normal time and that buried them.

9  Sydney’s 9 point win was overshadowed by Alex Johnson – you have got to feel for the guy suffering another knee injury, surely that would mean the end now for him.


Enjoy your week and we will see you on Friday! As always Go Crows! ( even though they let me down on the weekend, gotta love footy hey)

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