Round 20 Wrap

G’Day Footy Tipsters

What a ripper on a round of footy. 2 guys lost it for their sides with opportunities to kick the winning guy and Port say umpires lost for them. Can’t get any better than that!!

Let’s have a look at the number that count…….


100 Melbourne still remain the highest scoring team this year and the only team to average over 100 points a game.

20 Crows have STILL not lost a Round 20 game since 2006

5 there was  5 games determined by under 5 points this round. One great fact ofd that is they were 5 of the 6 games that I had called to be the ripper of this round but also it was the first time in the history of AFL/VLF there has ever been 5 games in one round so close. And they want to change the rules of the game!!!!

3 Andrew Gaff’s season could well be (will well be) over after his hit on Brayshaw . Brayshaw left the ground with a broken jaw and three displaced lower teeth which will need to be put back in place and splinted.

9 oh my lord how did you 2 do it?? John Bunt and S-Rob scored a perfect 9 this week. With the comp average being 5 this week that is a super effort. For that effort I think you both deserve the weekly prize. Make sure you contact us for your prize.

3 GWS climb up to 3rd spot and are still my pick for the GF this year, a few injury set backs this week so hopefully won’t hurt them too much.

129 with that score mitchboy still hangs on to the lead is the ODV footy tipping comp by 2 from a bolter in Heafy who scored an impressive 8 whilst all the leaders played it safe and scored 5’s and 6’s. This play has jumped him up to an outright 2nd spot. Nice tipping Heafy. With only 3 weeks to go it is getting nerve racking time for the top 10 or so.

3 as we all know Crows had a great win on the weekend. For all you Port supporters out there you could drop into the bakery down at Brighton today and pick yourself up a finger bun




Catch you on Friday tipsters.


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