Round 16 Wrap

Howdy Footy Tipsters,

Apparently, looking at the stats, it was an easy round of footy results this weekend. I see that 100% of people went for North to beat Gold Coast and only 3% game St Kilda any chance against Port with less than that giving Freo a chance against Melbourne.

With those stats it meant that 9 of you superstars scored a perfect 9 this week. The most interesting 9’s was CrowReg73, looks like he has jumped ship!!

Let's have a look at the numbers that count…..

9 yes so there was 9 people that got the perfect 9 with bigbear12 the best as he also got the perfect points margin for the game as well. Get in contact BIG BEAR!!

8 next best was the people that scored 8 of course and 2 of them are our to top placegetters on the Tipsters Ladder at the moment mitchboy and Marc. Makes it hard for other to catch you when your scoring like that fellas!!!!

10 metre protected zone b#!lS*&$*#!!*^%$##*

17 remember when I used to be always on the Tigers bandwagon? Well I destroyed and burnt that bandwagon after last years Grand Final, as you would have expected. I have a mate who always gets so annoyed when it is said we are having a “Grand Final replay”. He carries on at me how, IT IS NOT A REPLAY!!! But to my mate Bruce, the Friday night game was sadly exactly that. The scores the same and mostly the same culprits, only difference Jenko kicked some goals this time. And so with that number it makes Tigers record of consecutive wins at MCG to 17 now.

59 fresh off 2 victories in a row now Brisbane seem to be getting it all together for some big improvements next year. They may only have 3 wins this year but the average winning score of those games is a whopping 59 points points. Not bad for a bottom feeder. This was also the first back to back win by them since 2015.

100+ congratulations Bulldogs for hand balling a win to the Hawks in as easy style that you gave it to them. I had you for putting up a fight this week but instead you allowed them to kick a bag against you. A bag for the Hawks that is as that is the first time sonce Round 2 that the Hawks have managed to do that.

21 The giants may have lost to the Eagles on the weekend by 21 points but mark these words down in stone, when theyget their good players back from injury and stupid things they have done they will give this top 8 a very good shake up.


23 There was actually a couple of shocker games in front of goal this weekend, ask Goodwin about it, but Sydney, they actually kicked more goals than Geelong, however Geelong won by 12 points. Kicking 23 Behinds!


Catch you all again on Thursday arvo when it all starts again.


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