Round 16

Good Arvo all,

Round 16, isn’t it getting close to yet the end of another season of fun?

Let’s have a quick look at this round.


Sydney v Geelong

Probably the easiest game of the round of the round I think.

We are all expecting this to be a cracker of a game, hi scoring with record amounts of possessions with the likes of Williams, Ablett, Dangerfield and Selwood playing. Nut I am thinking it will be just a low scoring affair. Sure Buddy will probably start the game with the first goal of the game and Sydney will lead the first quarter but Geelong likely to come back and lead at half time. 3rd que=arter we will have a little comeback with scores tied at ¾ time. Mostly due to Geelong continuing their bad kicking in front of goal. They will though run away with it at the end much to the disgust of the local Swans fans and win by a couple of kicks.

Cats 12 pts


Richmond v Adelaide

This game probs not so easy to pick. It could be very very ugly or or could be sweet azzz.

Of course I am expecting (hoping) for sweet as and Crows to beat Richmond’s record run of victories at the “G”.

Why the heck you ask do I think that?

WELL I say to you. JUST BECAUSE!!!!

Crows 31 pts


Brisbane v Carlton

From WA back to an empty home ground Brisbane head off to try and get 2 wins in a row. The way the Blues are heading they will stay in the blues for a long while yet whilst there is a ray of sunshine showing up for the Lions. Which ever side ins this it will make no difference to their out look so just take it as a training run for next year.

Lions 26 pts


Port Adelaide v St Kilda

For PEEEEAAARRRRRRRR watch out. St Kilda have been big game beaters lately so you can not take them lightly although I am worried it looks like you might be taking them a bit lightly. Why else would you bring Watts back?

Power 46 pts


Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn

The doggies have a big chance to also notch up 2 games in a row this week but we never never know what kind of game they are going to play each week. Hawks on the other hand play pretty consistent each week, win by a little bit this week and lose by a little bit the next. Somehow the Hwks m,ight still be a bit shell shocked with  the delicious Cyrol pulling up stumps so early and the Dogs may just get the job done.

Doggies 3 pts


Melbourne v Fremantle

Oh my gosh what happened to you guys (Demons) last week? Crashing and burning, well at least you will get an easy game this week but you wont make it look easy I am sure.

Demons 23 pts


North Melbourne v Gold Coast

I am starting to feel sorry for the Suns. Seems like both their skippers have gone now with Lynch especially never to don the Suns jumper again. They started so promising in Round 1 when they beat off North Melbourne in a downpour but things have got pretty bad since then.

Roo’s 31 pts


Essendon v Collingwood

Surprisingly this could be the game of the round, but as we have also seen this year it also may not be. I really have no idea who to select as victors in this game. I think I will just have to say Collingwood only because of the spot on the ladder they are but also I may just a call a….



West Coast v Greater Western Sydney

Final game of round and final quick words on this game.

West Coast to stop their losing rot!

Eagles 28 pts

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Good luck with the tipping and Go Crows!  Cheers

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