Round 13 Wrap

Hi tipsters

I have to apologise how long it has been taking lately to get the weekend review out. Time is just racing by me of late.

But here we are so with only a couple of days to go before our next round lets have a look at some numbers that count……


0 yes the good old duck eggs. We have had so many duck eggs lately.

0 Firstly just look at the Crows. Keeping in the game at half time and WHAM from nowhere they kick zero goals in the 3rd quarter and that’s the end of the game.

0 Gold Coast they have had duck egg last quarters for the past 4 games in a row now! Yes they have not kicked a goal in the last goal forever. In 3 of those games they had duck egg points as well.

0 Carlton they at half time, against a side who have not won a game on the road, had 0 goals to their name

0 best of all SYDNEY. Keeping in mind they are playing the top placed side who have won 10 games in a row. 1st quarter they had a duck egg and the last quarter they had a duck egg, and yet the WON!!! Go figure. First time they have won being goaless in the 1st and 4th quarter for over 30 years!!!

0 and the best of all (or worst depends how you look at it) “Max the legend live on” selected 0 winners this weekend. Yes 0 and this is from a guy who was only 4 off the top last week in the ODV ladder, not some random like me. WTF

85 some real numbers now. Mitchboy (last years winner) Romeo Vella and Extension now sit up on top the ODV tipping with a handy 85 points. But many are coming from behind, so no dropping the soap in the shower yet boys!

43 yes we had some 43 of us, yes did you notice I said US, go me, selected a perfect 6, yes I said US for a perfect 6, but there can only be 1 winner and that was once again “Wicked Left Foot” or WLF for short, who was only 1 point off the Friday night margin. Give us a call or drop us an email WLF


Catch you on Friday when we can do all again.

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