Round 12

So off we go to our first short round of the year as we start the run of byes after another week of surprises, suspensions, fines and a couple of big injuries to both ex Crows who played in the grand final team last year. On the fines I heard this morning that they have already surpassed the fines handed out all last season and its only round 12!

It all starts tonight with a big clash at the AO.


Port Adelaide v Richmond

Richmond fans have all kept saying that they are not a 1 man side. Dusty may be good but he is not Richmond. If that is the case then how come 2 days ago Richmond were favourite to win tonight but after it was announced that infact Dusty has flown off to New Zealand to give his calves a rest now Port have suddenly come into favouritism? In fact they are $1.70 favourites! I had first heard we were meant to have rain all day and it will still continue tonight. I look at the weather report now and it states possible showers so possibly this may not even arrive. If it does though Port certainly has a chance and if they don’t want their season to drift away then like another side in this state they need to win this. Lets hope that they can find the fight like they found in the Showdown.



Geelong v North Melbourne

Very interesting game this one. Geelong are big favourites in this clash but I am not really sure why though. It simply must be the fact they are playing on their home ground The Alphabet Stadium. (a prize for someone who honestly knows all the letters without looking it up or reading it somewhere in front of them) North have been quietly going quite well, sure they have been winning against some lowly sides of late but so have Geelong. You know me I love to pick and upset and I would like to go with the Roos here but possibly the Alphabet stadium may be the difference.

Cats 17 pts


Greater Western Sydney v Gold Coast

Continuing on the favourite option after the Giants spirited win against Adelaide last week it seems that most think they are back and ready to start climbing the ladder but should they be as favourite as they are this week. YES Gold Coast did reach an even lower low last week and yes they are travelling to GWS where GWS don’t even win. But $1.06? I think the Suns are worth a line bet at a ground that will have only hot dogs sellers at the game, sitting on a seat eating their own hot dogs that are going cold. With the win against the Crows last week the only joy I got out of it was hearing their fantastic club song again. Click here and enjoy this rendition yourself

Giants 39 pts


St Kilda v Sydney

I keep hearing people say watch out for St Kilda, they could surprise! What surprise? Surprise they are keeping offthe bottom that’s all!

Swans easy. 53 pts


Brisbane v Essendon

Know this will be the most interesting clash of the weekend and the clash where I can see an upset boiling over. We have talked about it a lot for a side that have only won one game they have been competitive in the majority of their games and this is the time they will have another break through up in the nice warm weather of QLD. So you want me to give you some great stats of why they will win this game and win it well or why the Bombers will falter in the heat. Well sorry I have nothing for ya and no idea why. They just will.

Lions 31 pts


Fremantle v Adelaide

BANG!!! And another couple of Crows fall, we were looking at Matt Crouch being the only player left in the leadership group in the side. Especially after Pikey stated on Wednesday that Walker had no chance of playing this week. So at least we had a little surprise to see Walker picked in a very big extended squad for this game in WA against a Fyffeless Fremantle. The result of this game could be anything especially as Fremantle are very much like GWS who are sleeping giants and could pounce at anytime and Adelaide seem to waken up sleeping Giants too regularly. But even with the side being weekend again I am hoping they can steal a win.

Crows 13 pts


Melbourne v Collingwood

Probably the biggest clash of the weekend and the most anticipated game. A game when whoever it is that win we will all state that they really are the real deal. I first off am not sure who I want to win this game. I would have really liked Melbourne to do well and win but I still have a bad taste in my mouth after that outback game. Collingwood well they always give you a bad taste. It is great for Goody that he has his side playing well I reckon I will wish him well.

Demons 21 pts


So there it is, another perfect round of selections for you to take or leave

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