Round 10 Wrap

Happy Monday Footy Lovers,


What a weekend of footy hey? Best we just forget about Sunday and move onto the numbers that count..


9 you think there has been lots of one sided games well it could get worst. Next week all the top 9 play the bottom 9. Look out!

9 West Coast take their 9th win in a row proving they are the side to beat this year.

19 quarters in a row Melbourne have won now, a club record. Could they do a Bulldogs and Tigers?

20 still on Melbourne they were refreshing to see a side out on the open so much with a guy down back and a guy up forward anchored at both ends a lot of the time. They have now kicked over 20 goals 3 matches ina row.

1 st of September we now will have the Marvel Stadium. Does this mean we will now have a Superhero round where all teams must have a special superhero jumper? Or will the stands be changed to the Incredible Hulk Stand or Spiderman wing?

7 how many correct tips Darren and I picked in the footy predictions, just those pesky Crow boys not rocking up ruined our prefect 8.  

4 of Essendon’s goals came from defenders Baguley and McGrath The bombers got their first 2 wins in a row and both have been major upsets. De von Smith has to be the best pick up for the Bombers, he is looking good.

3 of you tippers picked a perfect 8/8 this week, congrats to you all. Prestige Spectrum you are this week’s mini sherrin winner picking the closest margin for Friday’s game.


Have a good week and we will see you on Friday. Go Crows!

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