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Christmas Closure 2020

The office of ODV Accountants and Financial Services will be closed from 5pm on the  22nd December 2020 and will reopen on Monday 11th January 2021.

On behalf of the Partners and staff we thank you for your support during a challenging 2020 and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy 2021.

Footy Tipping Competition Not Running this Year

It is with much regret that we advise that the world famous ODV Footy Tipping Competition will not be taking place this year.

Thanks to all those who have participated in the past, we hope you enoyed it.

Stay tuned for next year.........


Sad face

ODVS 2018 Footy Tips - 2nd Place Winner

Here's Heafy collecting his $400 prize from Risk Adviser Darren Cheek for coming second in the ODVS Footy Tipping Competition.  Heath picked 148 winners 1 point behind the winner Mitchboy.

Well done Heath, enjoy spending that cashola.



SA State Budget 2018 - 19

On Tuesday 4th September 2018, the Marshall Liberal Government delivered its first State Budget.  To view the media release please click on the link below.


State Budget returns to surplus as Marshall Government delivers on all its promises and cleans up Labor’s mess



Budget Update

On 8 May 2018, the Turnbull Government delivered the Federal Budget with a number of announcements impacting financial planners, including:

  • A window of opportunity for recent retirees to make additional super contributions
  • Increase in SMSF membership from four to six
  • Personal income tax cuts
  • Abandoning the proposed increase in the Medicare levy
  • Work bonus increased and extended to self-employed persons
  • New social security means testing of pooled lifetime income streams

The Budget announcements are proposals and need to successfully pass through Parliament before becoming law. They may be subject to change during this process.

Refer to the attached Technical Update for more details To view the Australian 2018 Budget Update click here


For the latest technical rates and thresholds, save “Tax and other facts” on your mobile, tablet or other device.


Care Koala Launched



Care Koala Ling


John unfortunately came off his bike recently and broke his elbow. In addition to his income protection claim though he has become the first recipient of our Care Koala for clients that go on claim. Good news is John is all good now and looking forward to a great Christmas and also getting back on his bike. 
Merry Christmas everyone and hope you also have a fabulous New Year.

Footy Tips Winners



While  we (or me anyway) are hoping to be grinners after tonight's game these guys are grinners already Mitch, Rocky and One of the Best.  And of course they are out Footy Tipping Competition winners this year.

Here they are collecting their prizes with a grin from ear to ear.  Well done fellas!!

Our first time winner Mitch collecting his little ODV Sherrin and $800




Rocky also grabbing the ODV Sherrin and $400.  This is the second time in a couple of years that he has come runner up.  But he said I don't mind continuing being a bridesmaid scoring 4 hundy each time!



Couldn't quite get the big ranking smile ouf of OOTB but he was certainly chuffed at scoring the$100 and the Mini Sherrin.  As his call sign said he certainly was One Of The Best.

One Of The Best



Breaking News - Interest Rate Update

The RBA has opted to leave the official cash rate on hold at 1.5%.

At its board meeting today the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to once again leave the official cash rate unchanged for the 12th consecutive month.

The RBA avoided the temptation to follow other developed economies and increase rates, taking into account the impact this would have on the Australian dollar and therefore tourism and other exports. Other factors considered would have been sluggish consumer spending and record low wages growth which have led to lower than desired inflation and fears that housing construction is set to slow.

Federal Budget Fact Sheets

These pieces below have been segmented to appeal to different clients interests.

1.    Wealth accumulators, Women and Families

2.    Retirees/Pre-retirees

3.    Small business

4.    High net worth

5.    A full summary







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