Round 9 Results

How we going tipsters, who has got any hair left or finger nails? The season just continues to amaze.


Let’s have a look at the numbers that count……


3 will this now be 3 years in a row that the amazing Eddy Betts will win the goal of the year, also I have heard that he now unofficially, has another pocket named after him at the Gabba. He will retire with the most pockets of any other footballer ever.

70,000 I was just listening to the news in Melbourne and there is a BIG protest march of 70,000 Tigers fans protesting to AFL house that the final quarter of all their games in the future be reduced by 2 minutes. Apparently very ugly scenes.

4 out of the 7 top 8 sides that played on the weekend once again in this topsy turvy season 4 of them lost. Be awhile before we know the make up of the top 8 yet.

10 goal flogging to the Eagles. Are they mummy’s boys or what? Can’t play for crap away from home in Melbourne. But the way this crazy season is panning out, this week they play equal top of the ladder Giants at home and even though they got flogged by Essendon this week they are likely to start favourite against Giants. Crazy!!

16 I remember a time when Port were North Melbourne’s bunnies. Thankfully now Port are over that but Melbourne are not. They have now lost 16 straight against the Roos. Other years Melbourne had an excuse because they were just crap but they started favourite in this game.

50 Whilst Hawks had an absolute shocker against the Pies after leading by 7 goals and then losing by 3 you can certainly not blame Tom Mitchell after racking up 50 disposals the first Hawk to ever do so.

80 a nice clean victory by the Crows on the weekend up at the Gabba. Not a good result for the Brisbane members recruitment officer but nice to see a bit of a revival by the Crows. Only twice this year though the Crows have won a first quarter. They best sort that out before finals begin.

58 and the news is our favourite gorilla Magilla scored 6 this week and has skipped 3 clear on top of the ODV Footy Tipping Ladder. Word has sifted through that he is very excited and banging his chest.

8 who said this footy tipping caper is hard. Not Efti and Joan Tingey. They both scored a perfect 8 with Efti only 2 margin points above. How about you both contact me this week and you can score an ODV Sherrin.

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