Round 9

Another hard round of picking coming up which will throw us many a curly result. It’s a round where there has been some big outs because of both injuries and coaches having enough of out of form players. For me I think I may just go for the favourites this round.


Geelong v Western Bulldogs

Headlines after this game “RSPCA called in after Western Bulldogs give Cats a battering” First game this year at the Cattery now that the new stands are completed which now allows them a crowd of 36,000. Whoop dee dooo I say!!!

And at this new bigger and greater HUGE crowd the Cats go into their first game for 27 games as underdogs and underdogs they should be with the Dogs on top.  It’s also the first time since 1996, when Carlton came to Kardinia Park, that a Melbourne based reigning premier has travelled out to Geelong.

How the heck could you possibly think the Cats could win this game after their last 3 performances. You know what, the way this season has been going it's likely the Cats will win well, but I am thinking that this round I am going for the favourites and that's that!

Dogs 18pts


St Kilda v Sydney

Bookies have the Saints as favourites and some are even saying the Saints can win the flag this year. I think their dreamin' but it would be nice to see the Crows beat St Kilda again like 19 years ago. So for that reason let's go with the flow and Buddy have a crap game again. Wow Sydney are getting so much value from their 2 Million dollar men in Tippett and Franklin aren't they? Not!

Saints 18pts


Brisbane v Adelaide

Thank goodness I am going for all the favourites this round. What the heck is going on with the Crows? It not the fact they have lost a game or two, it is the fact they smashed every team for the first 6 games and then they have got thrashed the last 2 games. Brisbane have been putting in solid performances against all and sundry except Port. Pike is taking it serious as he has dropped McKay and also Jenkins for 2 first time players. Big outs. It’s also time for Sloan to get a kick as well. In the last 2 games the police at the ground have got more kicks than Rory. Scary game you may think but favourites will win in the heavy rain.

Crows 32pts


Collingwood v Hawthorn

Now this will be the hardest game of all to pick. Why you ask, well because I am picking the favourites. Have I actually ever picked the Magpies to win? I am not sure I ever have. The bookies are saying Magpies are dead set winners. This isn't because they lose every week, it must be because they think Hawthorn have won too many premierships. Ok Hawks have lost another 3 big players to injury and they are near the bottom, but please, please, don't tell me they can't beat the Magpies!!!!!! This pick is as hard as picking my haemorrhoids.

Magpies 1pt


Greater Western Giants v Richmond

This could be such a big cracker of a game but sadly Tiger supporters cannot afford to travel so what would have been an epic game at the G will be flat as a tack at the Giant’s home ground. The Giants are not winning easily but they are winning and they, as favourites, will win. Cameron to kick 7 on Rance.

Giants 18 pts


Essendon v West Coast

The Eagles are so lucky that this game is at Docklands as we know how bad they are at the G don't we? They are just simply crap. Bombers they are doing not so bad especially after knocking off the Cats. They cannot beat the bookies though. Essendon do have a statistical chance of winning this week though, did you know that the Bombers are yet to lose to a side that has won a premiership this century and the only games they have lost have been against teams that have not won a premiership this century! Put that in ya pipe.

Eagles 35pts


Melbourne v North Melbourne

I tell you what the bookies amaze me. How the heck can the Demons be such favourites in this game. Actually, how the heck can either of these teams be favourites in any games? Oh yeah that's right both these sides smashed the Crows in the past 2 games. Let's hope they both lose. Stuff em'

Demons 3pts


Fremantle v Carlton

Well here is a favourite that will finally and comfortably actually win and smash em'.

Dockers 49pts


Gold Coast have a Bye with Port

Thankfully they have a bye and we don't have to watch another boring game of footy we had to watch from China last week.


Enjoy your footy!

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