Round 8 Results

8 rounds in and who knows what is going on? 1 round the year is settled and the next week an earthquake has hit.

Let’s have a look at the numbers that count…..


12 goal hiding is what Port gave to a woeful Suns. I have now seen 3 of the worst performances of a team this year that has left you thinking at how bad a side they are. Freo, Carlton and now Gold Coast, but you know what it has all been against Port so you got to hand it now to Port, when they are hot they are making these sides look silly.

10,118 crowd to watch the first Shanghai game. They said it was a sell out. If that was a sell out and there wasn’t a seat left then they must have forgotten to put a few seats in as there seemed to be a lot of empty bits. Looked to me like the locals cared just as much as Rodney Eade seemed to care sitting in the coach’s box. Not interested one bit. BIG well done to the Port fans that travelled over, they say there was over 5,000 warfies over there and watching the telecast you would have though they were still at Adelaide Oval the noise they made. Congratulations to all.

8 talking Adelaide oval let's go to Satdee night. The 2nd quarter starts and Crows pile on 5 goals to show it's show time, but then it turns to a no show with Melbourne kicking 8 in a row. Two games ago all the Victorians are talking of Crows going undefeated, even the bookies were taking bets on where their first loss will come. Now they go into a game against Brisbane that will be seen as a danger game.

21 seconds to go and after a 5 goal last quarter the Tigers hit the front. Ross Lyon is not happy and he leaves the coaches box and is in the lift on the way to the change rooms planning his assault on the players. Meanwhile the kick comes out of the square Mundy takes the mark and after siren kicks the goal for a great heart stopping win to the Dockers. DING the lift stops at the basement with Greensleeves playing and all Lyon could hear is the Dockers theme song playing and overpowering the lift music. Yes he missed it all hahaha.

200 congrats again to Bernie playing his 200th game but did you again have to tag our best player out of the game!

Rooster7 9 tipsters scored a pretty good 7 this week.  It what was another rough and ready round. I am very pleased to see out of those 9 there was one on top and it was Rooster, a favourite foul of mine. Let's hope his name is Rooster for all the right reasons.



4 whilst the competition average score this round was only 4 there was quite a few 6’s with most of the top 10 tipsters doing the same just like our favourilla Magilla Gorilla who with his 6 he still sits 1 in the lead on 52 which is only 3 off the lead in the 542,901 playing on Footytipping Australia wide.

9 still the most mysterious question ever asked. Why has AFL players kicking never got any better? In the 3rd quarter on Friday night West Coast opened with a behind then Kennedy scored a goal but after that we saw them finish the rest of the game with 8 point and Kennedy getting the yips bad kicking 5 behinds in a row for him. Mysterious!

2nd win of the season came as a shock to North last week against the Crows and now they come out and hand the Swans their 2nd win for the season. What is going on this season?


And that is a third of the year done and dusted!!

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