Round 8

After such a crazy round last week with all the lower sides winning I think and hope this round might be a little different with no roughies getting up until Sunday. Let's have a look though and see how we go.

West Coast v Western Bulldogs

When will it stop? I am not saying when will it stop Western Bulldogs playing western team after last week playing the Greater Western. I am saying the Doggies playing the 4th team on the ladder. In fact the last 3 rounds they have played the 4th side on the ladder and this week they play the 4th side on the ladder again!!! Can you believe it. And it doesn’t stop there if they actually win this week and the sides above all win their games like they are meant to the Western Bulldogs will actually end up 4th on the ladder themselves. Go figure hey. So due to this fact I am saying the Doggies are heading for 4th spot.

Doggies 4 pts

Hawthorn v Brisbane

I saw it written, “If you told Chris Fagan before he took the job at Brisbane that after 7 rounds next year you would be only 2 spots under Hawthorn on the ladder he would have been extremely excited” Well that is what it is but it is not as exciting as he would have thought. It's not that they have done any better it is that Hawthorn have been so crap. But in saying that the Hawks had a good win last week, although they certainly did nearly give that win away just at the end. Brisbane have had some exciting quarters this year to hang their hats on but I don’t think they will get any closer on the ladder after this game.

Hawks 25 pts

St Kilda v Carlton

What the heck is going on with Carlton I ask? 2 weeks ago we were talking they were the worst side in the AFL for 10 years and then they come out and win 2 games in a row. Even St Kilda come out in a game most fans were just hoping they would up a fight in against the Giants but the Saints slayed the Giants. So come on you tell me what the heck is going on this year and you tell me who is going to win. Well I will tell you just because the positions on the ladder, which even in itself this means nothing after last week, but ….

Saints 43 pts

GWS v Collingwood

Oh Bucky, You come back with vengeance 2 weeks ago taking all the heat you did and then throw it away last week. This week is going to be a sad, sad, story against a side that would have learnt so much taking a loss themselves last week and they will be mad. Silliest story I have heard this week is that Pendlebury is planning on playing this week with his wife expecting to have their first child but if she starts to go into labour then he will up and leave. Best comment I heard this week was that if he gets the call at half time at least he will be able to leave with all the Collingwood fans!

Giants 57 pts

Essendon v Geelong

Fancy the mighty Cat player James Kelly playing his 300th game tomorrow night not for the Cats but in fact for the Bombers after he in fact retired. Nice story but not sure if it will end being a happy one. Even though look at the Cats they have lost to the Magpies and then to the Suns in the last 2 rounds with Dangerwood getting held and the rest of the Cats being handbags. Can the Cats turn this around well I think they can but it will not be impressive.

Cats 19 pts

Adelaide v Melbourne

Satdee night at the Adelaide Oval, does it get better than that no matter what sport you are watching.

They say it was the game they had to lose, they say that the Crows would have got a shot in the arm after that loss and be coming out firing. I am not sure about all of that and in fact the Crows have always started slow in the first ¼ but last week was just ridiculous being the worst quarter in history.

Did you know that in the history of the Crows they have only had 145 pts kicked against them 3 times and each time this has happened they have not scored in the first quarter. Go figure hey!!

Well the Crows did indeed have a little hiccup last week and let's forget about it. I don’t believe it will be an almighty belting like they have given out in other games this year but the Crows will be easily in front at the end. Also it will be a great place for the fans favourite ex player Bernie Vince’s to play his 200th AFL game.

Crows 47 pts

Richmond v Fremantle

After firing out with 5 wins in a row the Tigers have started to hit the real world of tough strong AFL teams and how to play the game. Even the schools will not let them in to learn a lesson from the kids. Freo on the other hand are slowly building a case for being a team that matters. Tigers may be favourite in this game but I think this will be the first upset of the round.

Dockers 16 pts

Gold Coast v Port Adelaide

So it is finally here is it the Great Ball game in China. How many viewers will be watching this game in excitement. I am thinking apart from the Port fans that didn’t go not many. How many will be watching the game though? Heaps, it will be a big ratings winner for 7. Most though will be winner to see what a game of footy looks like being played on a golf driving range. Many will be watching to see if they can play in a snow storm that will look like a scene of Mad Max and many will be hoping not to be watching when the players put that extra effort in a tackle to find they are suffering from a bout of gastro. Very hard to think who could possibly win this game as how can you tell there is no form to go by. So in great Chinese fashion I think I will just ….

Sit on a Great Wall (or is that sit on the fence)

North Melbourne v Sydney

So North will be favourite hey just because they knocked off the mighty Crows and Sydney sit lowly on the ladder but hey lets put the Roo’s in perspective they only won 1 quarter of footy and could not continue on with that great form. Sydney fired up and so did big bad Buddy kicking a bag. Well Buddy wants to kick another bag and I can't write them off yet.

Swans 33 pts

So there we have it another very exciting round of footy and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I.

Catch you on the flip side.

Darren Cheek


Mr Cheeky 

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