Round 7 Results

To the lover (me) of upsets wow what a great round of footy. Doesn’t it get ya curlys curlier?

So far this season it seems to be that every 2nd week all the roughies come in so this means that next week it's favourites round. Or does it?

Let’s have a look at the numbers that count…..


11th time in the history of AFL/VFL footy has the every winner of each game been lower on the ladder than the side they beat. Oh wow.

64 I have tried to look through my extensive catalogue of stats and I cannot find at any time in the history of footy games anywhere after 6 rounds a side that are near bottom with only 1 win playing a side who are undefeated clear on top kick 10 goals 4 points to 0-0. WT! Take that quarter away and they won the game.

237 What are Melbourne up too I ask? Don’t they know we play Australian Rules Football and not European handball. They had 237 handballs on the weekend with Clayton Oliver the best of them having 4 kicks and 24 handballs himself.

8 finally big Buddy said enough is enough and came out to make a mark on the game. He should be getting 8 every week against lower sides if you ask me.

53 DangerWood oh so nearly did it again getting less than 50 touches between them instead of each. And people still say that they have more depth than just those 2. If ya got a couple of good taggers opposition teams out there well then ya as good as won.

10 goal turnaround it was to Freo to close off a surprising but entertaining round of footy. During the second quarter, they were near 5 goals down but end up winning by more than 5. Great effort.

6 certainly was an exceptional round of tipping this week and it was achieved by 8 tipsters with the best of them being Mother Goose. How he picked 6 some might say he is a goose but not me as I got 6 too.

46 Magilla the Gorilla is back!! With a tidy 5 he has shot up 1 clear on the ladder following top of the tables Steve G getting only 3.


Looking forward to next weekend with a Gold Coast and Port side playing off in China’s smogville. Sounds like Rodney is not going to take any chances and leaving players home who have an asthma issues. Well Gazza is one of them so let's see what he does.


Until then

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