Round 6

Oh my golly gosh, what a round of footy we have coming up. 5 absolute crackers, 2 interesting and 2 snoozers. We start with a match up of last year’s Prelim final with was probably one of the best games ever in the history of pre-lim’s and finish with an Adelaide Oval beauty between the undefeated. Can't wait for this weekend. Let's have a look.


Greater Western Sydney v Western Bulldogs

What a cracker of a start we have to the weekend of awesome footy. Current premiers v the current favourite for premiers. GWS were thinking that they were heading for a grand final last year until they met the Doggies in the pre-lim. But what will happen tonight? Seriously who knows, going by Doggies record they are always up for a win when they are not meant to. Like the bookies though I can't see them knocking off the Giants 2 games in a row and did you know this is in-fact not just the first Friday night ever in Canberra but also the first Friday night game that the Giants have ever played in. It has taken them 118 games before the AFL has handed them a Friday night clash.

Giants 43 pts


Hawthorn v St Kilda

Cracker game no.2. Up until last weekend this was not going to be a cracker at all but now Hawthorn have bounced out of the barriers and are finally in the race, where as St Kilda have been running but running slow in the final half. So who will win this race I ask. It is easy to say the Hawks but really that is only because of the last decade, Hawks are a different team now (especially without Cyril this week) whilst St Kilda are playing with great spirit. I don't like easy.

Saints 21 pts


Carlton v Sydney

Have a snooze instead game 1. Out of  a 2 give them a miss games comes this one first. It is lucky that we will have our eyes on the Hawks V Saints game whilst this is being played) The big interesting thing that has come about this game is Carlton not bringing Dale Thomas back in the side. They say it is because if he plays 15 games in the year there is a trigger in his contract that he gets another year. Seems Carlton are hoping for that get out clause. Apart from that no interest at all but Swans supporters will be glad to finally get a win on the board and will enjoy seeing Buddy kick 10.

Swans 71 pts


Brisbane v Port Adelaide

Let's hope it isn't a cracker game but it is going to be an interesting one. I sincerely am hoping it will again be another Port demolition but Brisbane have been a mini surprise packet this year without actually taking home the chocolates. They certainly had a magnificent start to their Doggy game last week so it makes for the hope they don't do again. Power losing one of the top players in the league in Robbie Gray makes it even more interesting. Here is my call 1/4 time Bears up and then the Power will come home.

Power 51 pts


North Melbourne v Gold Coast

Cracker game 3. North just cannot win a trick can they? Or is that a game? They have taken each team they have played on consistently being 4 - 5 goals up and anyone time in the game but they continually just cannot finish the game off. Gold Coast showed they have got what it takes until they come across the might of the Crow. And one of those wins was in Melbourne so they’re not scared of the trip like West Coast are. (albeit against Carlton) I am finding this really hard to pick. Oh what the heck.

Suns 6 pts


West Coast v Fremantle

Cracker game no. 4. The Eagles can't play at the G but they can play at home. Also, Freo couldn’t play at all at the start of the year but now they can and they play well in all Derby games so they will lift higher for this. How does this help for picking a result though? I am edging so much for a Freo surprise win especially at odds of over $3 but maybe with Sam Mitchell coming back in Eagles might just get back to the winners’ circle.

Eagles 4 pts


Essendon v Melbourne

Interesting Game 2. Let’s look at last week, totally opposite for both these games. Demons had the lead and a win coming on the board and then died in the last quarter whilst the Bombers were behind and they came back for a good win in the last quarter. We mix these 2 games together and we might have an interesting game. Demon’s are in strife though after losing the best ruckman in the competition they have now also lost their back up ruckman. SO, If the Demons lose this week the headline will be “Demons have a lot of Ruckin worries” but if they win it will be “No Ruckin worries for the D’s”

Bombers 18 pts


Geelong v Collingwood

Have a snooze instead game 2. What interest do we have of seeing Dangerman and Selwood get 50 touches each (unless they are your captains in supercoach)

Champion data say that Collingwood have the worst forward line ever. And the stats do back up with the fact Collingwood this year have not kicked more goals than points. But there is a HUGE positive for the Magpies, Eddie still loves Bucky. All at the club is just lovely.

Cats 70 pts


Adelaide V Richmond

Cracker of a game no. 5 Crows averaging 133 pts a game (against some tidy sides mind you) to the Tigers averaging 103 (against some pretty lowly sides mind you) and that’s what it is going to come down too. For the statisticians, it would be good if that was the final score of this match but I do think it may even be a little more than that but for the romance of fact this is what I am going to go with. I am not going to go with a 30 point win to the Crows I am going to go with

Crows 133 – Tigers 103 (what odds do you reckon the bookies will give me for that call??)


So that’s it all, I hope you get amongst a few winners this weekend and enjoy some great matches.

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