Round 5 Results

If you are a South Australian footy fan, then I am guessing you had a great weekend and round of footy. Was fantastic to see some dominating performances for different reasons.

Let’s have a look at the numbers that count…..

157 points is the winning margins of both Port and Adelaide. Fantastic performances for different reasons. We also knew Port would give Carlton a whipping but so many times last year when Port were playing a team they should beat they beat them but only by 3 or 4 goals. This year they are doing the job and doing it well. When you see a $1.09 favourite you expect to see them win like one and that is exactly what they did. On the other game with the Crows it was a nervous game going into it as Gold Coast are a good side and up at their home base you wanted Crows to perform and that is what they did. They are really showing so much depth this year which is even better to see.

18 Can the real Sydney please stand up!! Sydney got smashed on the weekend by 42 points but let's wind back to the 3 minute mark of the game. Was amazing start possibly never seen before Sydney are 4 goals up (24 pts) with 18 disposals and GWS 0. Yes 18 disposals to none after 3 minutes and even one of those disposals was a kick to Tippett. Sydney then did not get another goal until the 3rd quarter and Tippett, oh Tippett, did not get another kick and yes he did play all the game.

7 Carlton had a record of their own on the weekend. First time I think any team has played 7 teenagers in their 22. Let’s hope for the sake of them that all these teenagers are worth it as, I suppose, it is good for the future.

50 big points to a side that has not even looked like winning a game yet and been smashed twice by 86pts shows that West Coast are still crap at the MCG and if ya can't win there then there is no point playing.

½ time team. Once again North Melbourne are at least 24 points up and still lose. I had said Friday that if they can get 30 points up again they will not lose to Fremantle and since they lost by 5 points in the last minute of the game that fact proved right. Seems like North’s only way to win a game is to either play Carlton or play a night game and the lights go out half way through the 3rd quarter.

½ talking of North Melbourne first halves how about Geelong’s 2nd halves, especially last ¼’s. as you know I had picked Saints to win that game and I was feeling pretty confident at ¾ time. But by gosh did the Cat’s put the metal to the floor at the end. Just like Winx in the last 200 metres.

1 lesson learnt from weekend, Buckley has no idea! When they invented the phrase, “he has Buckleys chance”, well that was about the Collingwood coach

2 nd lesson, don't ever pick Melbourne again they are also crap!

8 once again the top 8 is the top 8 and the bottom 8 the bottom. How profound am I?

3 goals 4 points and he gets best on ground Oh please!!!!

173,000 fans at the MCG in a 24 hr period. Massive attendance at the G. 85,000 plus for the Melb v Richmond clash on the Monday night was the biggest home game they have had since 1965.

9 6 perfect 9’s on the weekend. Damn wish you guys would do my tipping!! But with the closest margin of the 6 for the Port clash MERCURIAL MERCS has come up trumps and is our weekly winner. Well done Merc’s. With this perfect 9 it has also moved him up to only 1 point off the lead.

36 and now we have two on top with MAGILLA (isn’t that the name of a gorilla?) joining STEVE G.


So that is it for round 5 and if you haven’t looked at what is coming up in Round 6 well it is going to be a cracker of a weekend of footy right up until the final Sunday evening game against 2 of the undefeated sides in Adelaide and Richmond. Can’t wait.


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