Round 5

Welcome to round 5

We start with some great football clashes and then we finish with thanking our diggers with  a not so good clash but one thing for sure is we will have a great weekend.

Let’s have a look how good.


Port Adelaide v Carlton

Fridee night footy at Adelaide Oval. There is not a lot better except perhaps a Satdee night. And for all Port fans it is going to be a great night as they will be streaks ahead of their opposition at the end of the night. The happiest winners of the night will be the casino and all pubs on North Terrace at about 10:00pm as 50,000 happy warfies pile in for a night cap or two.

Power 59 pts


Western Bulldogs v Brisbane

Looks like just another game as the Friday night but beware Doggies don't get ya eye off the contest. So many times when there is a big celebration game the side loses its focus on what they are really there for. But not this time, the Doggies will rip the Lions apart just like the Gladiators of Ancient Rome. It's their favourite son Bob Murphy's 300 and what a celebration it will be.

Doggies 53 pts


Gold Coast v Adelaide

What are we in for here? This will be a great test for the Crows. Away in a holiday land with a serious job to do. Gazza' s Suns are now on a mission after 2 great wins on the trot so they will be so focussed for a big win. The Crows must be on the job. Awesome to see Bad Crouch back to make his mark. Carn the Crows and Carn a good win.

Crows 31 pts


Sydney v Greater Western Sydney

Sydney are definitely the best side of the 3 winless sides so far in my eyes but can they get on the winners list? As you know I like an underdog and amazingly I haven't picked one yet this week but I don't think I am game to pick it now, but come on Sydney, you still have great players in your side, why can't you win a game. And carn Buddy you should win on your own. Giants need to watch themselves especially since Sydney have 3 big in’s. Heeny, Rohan and Tippett who can make a big difference, but they should get through this game and get the job done.

Giants 13 pts


Fremantle v North Melbourne

I have just stated that Sydney is the best side of the winless sides but North are not far behind but the difference with North is at least 2 games they have been 5 goals up at some stage of the game and then they just run flat. If you can get 5 up against Freo at half time then you will win but I don't think you will be able to do that against the Dockers.

Dockers 19 pts


St Kilda v Geelong

Talking of who are the best in the teams that haven’t won a game yet we'll go the opposite and talk about the pretenders of the sides that haven’t lost a game yet and I say Geelong are this side. Yes they have got some good wins and no more than how they finished against Hawthorn last week but you have to realise that up to half time they were shocking and they had the aid of the Kennett curse helping them. Geelong really have to watch this game as Riewoldt just seems to be getting better and better and now that he is playing more half back he seems to be having yet another lease of life. Saints are right in this.

Saints 7 pts


Hawthorn v West Coast Eagles

Is there any chance Hawthorn can turn their game around? Can they do it this week? I see that Sam Mitchell doesn’t want to come back and face the old side, the side he won the best and fairest with only last season before he was dumped. The answers to these questions are a definite NO, but and a HUGE BUT, West Coast are atrocious travellers and even worse travellers to the MCG. This is the only chance the Hawks have.


So these are all the big games for the weekend but next week we still have a couple of others. Monday night and Tuesday. Let’s also have a look at these.


Melbourne v Richmond

This Monday night game is looking to be a ripper. It will be a game that will really show us who is going to be the real deal this year. If both sides play to the best they possibly can I believe it will be a 1 pt result how close they are. Also, my call is if Richmond win this game, they WILL play finals but if they lose, with a follow up game against the Crows next week they could start tumbling out to their comfortable 9th spot. I am really unsure about this game and with the rumour that Dusty may not be playing I edge to…. All ABBOOOARRDDD the CHEEK-A-BUS.

Demons 5 pts


Collingwood v Essendon

The great ANZAC clash on a great day! Pity it has to be just two powder puff sides. Will it be a great clash? NO it will not. But it will be close and will be a contest albeit not a gifted skilled contest. This may even be a tie of hopelessness.


Enjoy your weekend of Footy everyone and for those that are having another 4 day long weekend, good luck to you, you lucky boogers!!!

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