Round 4 Results

What a gorgeous Easter weekend we had! Must be one of the best Easter weekends weather wise ever!! Especially for one in mid April. We do live in the best place in the world us South Australians don’t we?

Hope you are all out exercising now after a belly full of choccies.

We also had a fab round of footy to go with is so Let's have a look at the numbers that count………

86 well they may well be sitting on the bottom of the ladder but got to hand it to the Hawks they certainly are consistent after taking their 2nd 86 point loss in a row. Carn the Hawks!! Hehe

3 and zip or zip and 3 just depends on what end of the ladder you like. Looking at the most fun one is the bottom of the ladder zips with the big 3 North, Sydney and Hawks who have all played in the past 3 or 4 Prelim finals but certainly do not look destined to play in them this year so we should be looking at an all new Prelim Final list this year. Although surprisingly Sydney are still equal 6th favourite for the flag!

5 I know Eddie kicked 6 but Tex Walker’s first half of footy on Satdee night is one of the finest you could ever see from a big forward. Super super game.

8 was the winning number this week with 33 of them!! Very fine picking all you guys Jai Koirala was our big winner though but it needed a double countback to the total margin for the season thus far splitting him and Rubberman. It was that close that both also picked the exact margin for the Thursday night clash. It looked like it was mostly the Melb Freo game that stumped most of the bods that scored an 8. Since we could not split them on the Thursday night I have made an executive decision to award them both our weekly prize so get in touch guys to arrange your prize.

14 Ok this seems to be all about the Hawks today but wow it just seems so amazing in the world of numbers. By all reports Geelong played so bad in the 1st half with worst competition and then kicked a whopping 14 goals in the last ¼ to a mere 2.

1 showing I guess what is happening down there at the Gold and Baby Poo Gunston kicked his 1st goal this game for the season!!

5 talking of bad last ¼’s was very disappointing to see Port get run over in the last ¼. The final scores did not show just what a great game it was with the game being within 3 points right up until ¾ time and then GWS kicked 5 unanswered goals. My favourite Pepper Pig had a quiet game as well and Ollie also will not be picking up any Brownlow points.

29 Steve G sits 1 point clear on top of the ODV ladder so far, a spot I wish I

69 points to the winning side, WT?? Melbourne had some pretty low scoring games on the weekend and none more than the Collingwood debacle losing to St Kilda who could only manage 69 points. Far from their big exciting win last week against Sydney. Is Buckley favourite o be the first coach replaced now?

34 another big disposal game to the little fella Gazza and also Lynch getting a bag. Maybe Gold Coast are truly back on track for their first finals birth.


Well that’s about it for round 4 from me. Catch you in a couple of days and we can have lots of fun again.


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