Round 23 Results

And that is it for 2017.

What a year it has been. A very unpredictable season that has seen more underdogs win in AFL/VFL history since the early 1900’s. And this continued right down to this final round.

As you would expect as soon as each game started this weekend I was straight on the FOOTY app to see who our top tipsters picked which made for an even more exciting weekend. The highlights were on Friday night with our number 1 tipster Mitch leading by 1 tip, but with a bad countback margin, selecting Bulldogs and the next 3 went for Hawthorn. And with Hawthorn winning this saw Rocky hit the top spot. It wasn’t then until the Geelong/GWS clash we saw different picks with the opposite happening. Mitch the only one who went for the eventual winner in Geelong and there in turn hit the front again from there it was just waiting to see who picked what in the final game. West Coast and Adelaide. And on the first bounce I quickly refreshed the Footy Tips app and there we had a winner with all the top 3 going for West Coast so no change was to happen to the ladder.

I contacted Mitch to congratulate him and asked why and how did he cope. He said that on the Sunday he changed his tip up to 16 times. He had no concern that Rocky and One of the Best would have gone for Ess and Rich but knew it would come down to the Crows v West Coast game. He ended up deciding that he thought whilst most would go for Adelaide knowing that Rocky and One of the best would have to try and go for them to try and get that much needed point so in the end that was his decision. Go for the Eagles thinking that’s what they would have done. Fare to say he was delighted.


With that said lets have a look at the numbers that count….


800 I have audited the results by refreshing the Footy Tips website 3 times and found the same man sits on top and that is MITCH who has finished on a total score of 138 to claim the first prize of a ODV Footy Tipping $800 eftpos card

400 he certainly fought hard in that last round by hitting the top of the ladder for a short while but I am sure ROCKY BARBARO will be happy to once again finish in the money for the 2nd time to win $400.

100 holding onto his nerve ONE OF THE BEST did end up being one of the best finishing 3rd and winning a $100 eftpos card.


A few other numbers that count…

2 Hot off the press Nathan Buckley who has been in charge of Collingwood for 6 years and has seen the results get worst every year in his tenure has amazingly been given a 2 year extension to his contract. Listening to the radio some members are going off their heads and others who are in love are very excited. One lady said it is such a great decision as he talks so well at the after match press conference. That’s lovely. All opposition supporters are very excited Buckley has been extended as they see Collingwood will remain near the bottom.

11 got to give it to Geelong. This is the 8th time in the past 11 seasons they have finished in the top 2. Pretty good record.

1942 I was looking forward to this stat of Richmond and Melbourne playing off in the same finals campaign for 75 years but Melbourne were woeful and due to this they have missed out by .5%. That 3rd quarter and the first 10 minutes were just shockers. They only had to kick 2 more goals and this prize would be theirs.

1 so Crows have finished top of the ladder and get their name on the McClelland trophy but did you know that with the Crows finishing on 15 wins and 1 draw they would have finished 6th last year. In fact they won 16 games last year and finished 5th. That was how much of an even comp we had this year.

5 and Port they have done pretty well finishing in 5th spot with out beating a side that was in the top 8. Shows what difference it makes with sides who get to play the bottom sides twice

1 How exciting is it for South Australia. It is very exciting for Adelaide and the Oval to see both Port and the Crows playing off in Finals at home and I would expect they will both be going in as favourites as well. Go you Crow eaters!!

XXCDLXIII Showdown. There is still a big chance of a Showdown at Adelaide oval yet! If Crows win and Port win in the first round then we can meet at the Prelim and what a Prelim at AO that would be. But if Crows lose and Port win then it will be the following week and that will be a ripper as well.


That’s it from me guys and gals. I hope you have enjoyed another year of the ODV Footy Tipping competition and of course Samantha and My carry on with the Preview and numbers Wrap.

We have certainly enjoyed bringing the competition and fun for you.


Please give us some feed back if you enjoyed and if you have any requests to improve in future years, whether negative or positive it's all good.


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Thank you all and COOOMOONN the Power and the Crows.


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