Round 23

A BIG hello Tipsters!!

Here we are at the footy barriers for the final time awaiting a big finish.

It has been a mighty good year for unpredictability this season. Let’s look at last year, after round 6 there was not 1 change to the top 8 to the end of season, it was locked away. This year there has been 15 changes!

After this last round these are still the changes that can happen to our ladder.

Adelaide can finish 1,2

GWS 1,2,3 or 4

Geelong 2,3 or 4

Richmond 3,4,5 or 6

Port 4,5 or 6

Sydney 4,5 or 6

Melbourne 7,8 or 9

Essendon 7,8,9,10 or 11

West Coast maybe 8 if they can win and others lose.

You can certainly say It is all happening!!

I envy you guys at the top of the leaderboard for the tipping comp as you know as good as I do that there is bound to be 1 or 2 upsets. Which ones to pick is the $800 question. Lets have a look and see if I can help you, hahahaha (says the guy near the bottom, well I cant win my own comp can I?)


Hawthorn v Bulldogs

Well here we go what a Friday night game we got a game that means nothing, although yes Bulldogs have a slim chance of getting in the eight but we have a 50/50 game and the odds are even for this one Bulldogs v the Hawks. You can't even say that the emotion of retiring is gonna help or either side, because both have got some greats playing their last games for the club, so that evens that out! you know I seriously would consider putting your five bucks on a draw tonight.

Hawks 3 pts


Collingwood v Melbourne

Please please don’t let this be the upset, as I mentioned the other day in my wrap, whilst forgetting to name the other side, if Melbourne can get up and stay in the 8 it will be the first time since the early 1940’s that Melbourne and Richmond have both played off in the finals together. Amazing stat I reckon. So yes come on Melb. Then there is Collingwood with coach Bucky trying ever so dearly to hang onto his job. Eddie came out yesterday stating that they would never sack a coach if he still had the players and/or he had done something untoward. Excuse me Eddie I seem to remember your last coach who was sacked had all the players behind him, was top of the ladder and I haven’t heard anything come out about he doing something untoward!! My tips for my silly Brother who barracks for the Demons.

Demons 39 pts (but be concerned)


Brisbane v North Melbourne

What a funny game this one is. 18th V 17th and the loser is the winner and the winner the loser! So what would you rather? Be the winner that loses or the loser that wins??

Whoever wins may jump up to 16th and whoever loses will finish with the wooden spoon and claim the no.1 draft pick. What would you like? My vision is, Brisbane 3 points up and Sideshow Bob (Brown) takes a mark 10 metres in front of goal for North. He goes back for the kick and the siren blows. What does he do??? Shank or kick straight??

My tip though

Lions 13 pts


Sydney v Carlton

The easy one for the round. Sydney not going to let this slip. A good win here, by more than Port do, Richmond lose and they are into the top 4.

Swans 53 pts


Geelong v GWS

Oh yeah, oh yeah, bring on this game. The prize at the end of this game is the right to play each other again but at their home ground. The ideal result for me and lots of other Crows fans a blood bath at Kardinia Park which 6 – 10 reports for 3 games each. Oh yeah bring it on!!!

Giants 32 pts


Port Adelaide v Gold Coast

It’s all on the line here for Port. They get a big win here, more than Sydney, Richmond lose and they are possibly playing a Showdown come qualifying final time. Oh how good would that be? A dream I reckon. With any Port people go and watch the game? I hope so as it will be worth the viewing. Come on Port I want you to win by plenty.

Power 106 pts


Essendon v Fremantle

Freo have been a disgrace of late and the Bombers have so much to play for. To play finals this year for Essendon when they were Essendoom is a great notch in their belt I reckon. But this is one of those scary ones as anything can happen, but it wont.

Bombers 41 pts


Richmond v St Kilda

Well we talk about there's gotta be an upset this round could this be it? There was a huge upset last time Saint Kilda played them, in fact they gave them a bath, smashed them I tell ya, and they would be thinking let’s do it again. Can lightning strike twice I ask, can they possibly do it again now the Richmond have a real good chance of playing off in the top 4 You Port fans and I know you'll be barracking for Saint Kilda is a have beaten Gold Coast the night before. so I'm behind you I'm going to the cheer on those Saints.

Saints 14 pts


Adelaide v West Coast

And it all comes down to the final game of the home and away season for 2017

All I hope is we already had our upsets by now, I hope so much our one or two upsets have already happened because I don't want this game to be it! I so dearly would like the crows to win the McClelland Cup this year finishing top and the small couple of dollars that comes with it, but who knows West Coast can be pretty good at home and Adelaide well they're missing their two book ends with Taylor Walker and Daniel Talia out. so what's the big result going to be? Can they? Will they? Could they?  I just don’t want to say it so I will say this.


Crows by 90 points


See you on Mondya fellow tipsters for the final wrap.

Hope you have loved the year and read all the way to the bottom each week.


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