Round 22 Results

Howdy Tipsters

Here I am doing my second to last Footy Tipping Wrap for 2017 (how exciting).

We had another pretty good weekend of footy that has put more shape into the footy season as done just about every round of footy over the year. 2 seasons ago half way through the year it was done and dusted, then that year come this last round of the year teams like Freo in the last round were resting have their teams and the AFL changed the rules and brought in the BYE in the last round. Look at it now. We have a plethora or different computations in this last round of footy. We will look at that further come Friday so for now Let’s have a look at the Numbers that Count……


Let's start with the numbers that count the most. The leadership numbers.


1 Mitch  132 (679)

2 Rocky Barbaro 131 (651)

3 One of the best 130 (589) 

4 Big Olly 129 (587)

5 Heafy 129 (606)

6 Rooster 129 (678)

7 Buddygone 128 (519)

8 Roderick 128 (606)

9 Lesley 128 (632)

Yes these are the Tipsters that count although the next 10 Tipsters are on 127 and I am sure they probably think they are still some chance of jumping to 3rd spot for some cash. Lets look at these though. Top of the leader board Mitch took a hit this week and is now only in the lead by 1 point with the worst point margin of the top 5 so needs to finish a clear 1 point in front. It is going to be a very nervous selection for this round especially with the close and important games coming up. And they should be nervous as don’t forget they are playing for a 1st prize of $800, 2nd $400 and 3rd $100. Will you bods at 2nd and 3rd push for the top spot or play safe with favourites to keep the 2nd and 3rd prize leaving the others to go for the roughies? Its going to be an exciting last round.

13 its been some 13 years since since Carlton have managed a win against Carlton and what amazing consciences have come from this win. It has really thrown the cat amongst the pigeons or should I say, they Roos amongst the Lions in the race for the wooden spoon with both Brisbane and North Melbourne sitting at the bottom of the table on 5 wins and the winner of this match misses out on the Golden No.1 Draft Ticket. Will they want to win or lose? If you barrack for one of these sides you tell me what you think. o you want your team to win?

19 I know this aint footy but with the Ashes coming up how about England’s amazing effort last night. After getting a big first innings score last night they took 19 wickets in one day of cricket to win the test match.

25 metres! Yes the crows certainly got a good run with the umpires on Friday night but come-on. That 50 metres on Eddy that gave a goal and then, the so called, Goal of the year by Buddy when he firstly ran 20 metres before a bounce, then took 2 and then ran 25 metres before he kicked it. Then you here the commentators today saying that he definitely should have pinged him for running too far but they are glad they didn’t because it was good for footy. PPLLLEEAAASSEE well I think it good for footy seeing biffo. Commentator biffo!!

249 In Ross Lyons 1st 249 games of coaching he never had a 100 point loss until he met the Crows half way through the season but now he has managed it 2 rounds in a row. That makes it 3 now in 10 games. They are cooked.

17 an on the Freo Lyon wagon it was only the 17th time in history that a side that was winning at ¼ time ended up losing by over 100 points.

1942 with Melbourne looking like making finals this year it will be the first time since 1942 since these 2 sides have both played off in the finals together. Now that is a long time.

9 I bet the top 9 Tipsters above wish they were this guy! And this guy is Jim-Bob he has pulled off a ripper of a round of footy tipping a perfect 9 this week. Wow how the heck you get that one Jim-Bob? For your great efforts you are our weekly winner. Please get in touch for your prize.


One round left, Bring it On!!!

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