Round 21 Results

The pointy end of the season is now in sight with sides starting to finalise their spots. Crows have now guaranteed themselves a top 2 spot that comes with home finals plus Sydney and Port has now joined GWS, Geelong and Richmond to pretty well guarantee a top 8 spot due to their percentage levels.

Let's now have a look at the numbers that count.....


8 top 8 moved around again this week with Port and Sydney swapping around spots and also Geelong and Richmond but something didn't change. No finals matches in Melbourne for first round. Add in the bye and no games for near 3 weeks. This Victorian lot will forget about footy.

13 losses in a row for Richmond against Geelong. And did you know the Tigers have now lost 20 of their past 21 games against Geelong. Richmond have only scored more than 100 points at The Cattery once this century and not 1 player in the Richmond side has EVER beaten Geelong wearing a Richmond jumper. The tradition continues!!

100 Sydney gave Freo a trouncing so much so that Sydney had triple figures on the board before Freo even had double points. Freo didn’t even get to double points until half way through 3rd ¼

2 top 2 has been sealed!! Did I tell you that?

142 pts has been unheard of from Brisbane. Likely that is their highest total for some 10 years. I honestly feel they have really looked good for their future this year and look out 8 next year.

1 thing I have learnt this year more than any other, even though in the other years there was great concerns but we just wanted to give it time to see if it does work. Well it has not and it’s time to throw it out!! What am I talking about you ask? The MRP!!! Once again this week I am sure there will be lots of controversy. The things that make it worst is no one playing near finals will take the risk of appealing to get more. Maybe in the last 6 rounds all cases go to tribunal and it is done properly.

9 Barramundi Hunter has been unheard of this season of tipping, all until this week. He was the best of 27 tipsters who picked a perfect round. Seems like he has been off fishin’ until time for finals.

126 and he is up by 2! I am talking about Mitch our leader. He sits pretty on top of the table now but following a quick interview he tells me “Yes, but the vultures are circling. There’s a whole stack of them and my margin is not the best” Well yes you are correct Mitch 2 rounds to go and we have 2 tipsters on 124 another 3 on 123 and a few more just behind that. ‘One of the Best’ had a good week selecting 9 and has jumped into 2nd spot. It certainly is hotting up with a few nervous tipsters this week. Best just listen to my tips on Friday I reckon!!! Hahaha


Oh my gosh its getting exciting. See ya Friday.

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