Round 20

Well it has got to that time of the season that there is games we can just discard as not much interest or point and others that mould the final 8.

Last week we had all the top sides playing the bottom but this week it is on again with some very good games.

The round starts off well with the 2nd and 3rd favourites for the flag and then finishes in a rip snorter is Showdown CLCXXVIII at 4:40 on Sunday evening.

Let's have a look shall we?



Here we go Friday night footy at the Cattery. 1st game they have played without Rodney playing since he arrived and turned it into a so called one man team. That will be interesting enough but also how will Sydney fair with the injuries they have. Where do we look for a winner here. Where we look is whats best for us Crow supporters I reckon. The cats drop this game and the Crows have got a better look into finishing top 2, a very needed position, so for me it's, cheer, the red and the white, keep on day or by night!

Swans 3 pts



You would think that GWS may be the Giant Wobbly Side at the moment the way they have been going of late with losses, draws and just over the line win last week and Melbourne well they are just as bad, look a million dollars 1 week and then lose the next. Been like that for quite a few rounds now. So by the results you would expect Melbourne to win this this week in Canberra. Especially as there may be a few more Melbourne supporters there to watch since its closer to the snow! So I am going for the upset and again an upset that will help the Crows.

Demons 13 pts



The first of the, Does it really matter game, Essendon supporters will say yeas as they still have a sniff at top 8 but surely deep down they realise they don’t. Carlton well they don’t play football as they just play handball. Carlton getting worse each week. Bombers to keep a glint of hope in their eyes.

Bombers 23 pts



The doggies are still hanging on for their dear lives out of that 8 by percentage with a dream of back to back flags. Wondering if it was just a win for the footy gods last year or were they the real deal. The answer may come on Satdee afternoon and I am thinking they will finally be shown that they just had heavenly intervention last year, as I am telling you that is you want to pick a roughy this week then get on the Lions.

Lions 28 pts



An absolute fill in game with no point but draft selections

Roos 12 pts



Start packing ya bags boys and get in early for those pre-season operations you all need, especially between the ears. With these two Saturday night games its time to get your dancing shoes on and hit the town instead.

Dockers 18 pts



It is quite amazing that the Eagles are still hanging on there in the 8. Out of all the sides in the 8 it is their spot that others are vying for, with St Kilda one of those that hang on to a dream. I am like Sam Newman and believe this business of playing better on nostalgia games is a load of hogswash but what isn’t hogwash is the fact that Sir Nick will really be on song for this clash after announcing his retirement this week and he might even sway the result.

Saints 9 pts



Here we go the final 2 games of the round to make us all feel warm and toasty. This is to be a great clash at the G. Pity for Hawks to be without their gem in Hodge but they have played without him many a time and still come up with the goods. The Tigers they are on a roll with 3 wins since they got a hiding against the Crows, albeit it with 2 of those wins against puffer fish teams. This game is the one that will really show them up as to who they really are. Up in top 4 now and wanting to stay. Hawks wont make it easy for them.

Hawks 3 pts


We thought with the importance of this game both Sam and I should give you our review of the game and then also add a Port supporters thoughts as well. You all should know Lee Squeo our home loans expert, well sorry to say he is a Port fan so he has added his worth as well.



The Showdown are now 50/50 after the Crows have won quite a few in a row now but the past results are a fantastic guide as to who will win this game. As we know they go they way the wind is playing on the night. For Crows they have the power up front, down back and in the middle. Port Power they have the power up back, in the middle but do drop away a little bit up front. But when the Crows have lost and lost badly it has been the power forward that have gone a miss so this will be the difference in this game. Port Power will miss their loud Chiko eating, beer swilling, fans and have to cope with the more sedate Crows flock but going by last week in the last 2 minutes of the game when the ground was near empty, whilst at the same time the busses on King William road were full, they seems to pull off a great victory so it does show they can win in the silence. So hoping for it to be a classic and for me I cannot wait!!

Crows 67 pts (hehehe)



History is on Port Adelaide’s side as they have only been behind on the showdown count twice in the 42 game history.

The last time was 23/4/2000. The big smokey could be Gus Monfries returning to the Port side for the first time since his twelve month ban.

With wet weather expected this will suit Monfries, expect him to boot three big ones which could be the difference on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

Adelaide is already shell shocked with the strong rumors Lever and McGovern returning to their home states next year, this will derail their year.

Port by 18!!!!



Let’s look back to Round 3 we had 1st v 2nd on the ladder, 17 rounds later and Crows still sitting pretty on 1st and Port have dropped to 5th (Have I mentioned Port are the only team in the 8 to not beat a top 8 side?? HA HA)

The Peeear are coming off a steal win last week against the Saints whilst the Crows fought back from 50 points down to draw with the Pies. I personally love watching the Crows play in the wet, and not just coz they look good..  We seen last week that Port supporters don’t like getting wet and lucky for them it will be raining Sunday to disguise those tears..

Crows by 27 pts


This weekend of footy will show us so much and definitely not only shape the final 8 but also give us the best guide for September.

Lovin’ it.


Catch ya Monday

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