Round 2 Results

Howdy Fellow Tipsters,

Round 2 had some, at times, exceptional football but at other times quite lacklustre and sloppy. It showed to me that maybe we will not be in for as an exciting level competition this year, as expected, after all, but instead it will not be long before there is a decisive split between top and bottom.

But enough from me being all profound let’s have a look at the…………

Numbers That Count;

75 well this number outlines so early in the season what I am talking about above. This is the amount of people that scored a perfect 9 this weekend. Massive amount for 2nd game of the year and then after this there was another 101 that scored 8. No room for anyone to even go for upsets, like myself. L

1 I checked on the footy scores on Satdee and saw that at ¼ time Giants are already up by 38 pts. I thought what the heck is going on didn’t Gazza Ablett play. In fact I was shocked to see he was out there but had only had 1 possession. Now he certainly needs some divine intervention!

2 top 2, seriously how good is that ladder now. Both South Aussie sides in the top 2 and 2 and zip. Such a pity we have a Showdown game this week and that there must be a loser. But wow what another great build up to the Showdown have we got!!

16 how about young Tom Liberatore is there a more ferocious hunter out there. He racked up another 16 tackles on the weekend. That makes 30 after 2 games. No-one gets past him if they have the ball.

2 and zip. Here are some stats I heard. The last time the Demons were 2 and zip Twitter did not exist; The last time Crows and Power were 1 and 2 on the ladder Facebook didn’t exist; the last time the Hawks and Sydney were zip and 2 on the ladder APPLE did not exist. 1973 it was that Sydney and Hawks were in this position.

3 big disappointing sides for me this year so far this season that really need to pull their finger out are; 1 - Gold Coast, what the heck is Rocket doing with them? Bring back the carrot top I say!! 2 – Freo, how the heck can they drop so far after playing in the GF only a full season ago, Leo start roaring! 3 – Magpies when are you going to realise that you are just bad and stop talking yourself up!

9 out of those 75 that selected their tips with such steady mouse’s, clicking in the correct spots there was 2 fellas Barro and Dubliner who also got the exact margin for the Thursday night clash. So this week there are 2 winners who both will win and ODV Mini Sherrin. (Make sure you email me for your prize)

16 probably a bit too early to brag about it yet but Wally leads the way on top of the ladder only margin points from Roderick and Lesley.

6 could Ollie Wines of Power be heading for the Brownlow this year? Well if Power and Crows win enough games to finish in top 5 I am calling Ollie Wines and Rory Sloan tying for the gong. Or even Pepper Pig for runner up. Has anyone ever won the Rising Star and the Brownlow in the same year?

So bring on the SHOWDOWN!! How good is it going to be? I just wish it was a Crows game so I could have got there. It will be sooooo loud in that AO cauldron.

Catch you on Friday.

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