Round 19 Results

Howdy Tipsters

What looked to be a standard round of footy for this time of the season certainly did have plenty of thrills and spills after all.

In the numbers, what do we start with first? Is it Port's last 2 minutes, Crows last 2 second or Dangerfield’s possible 2 Brownlow’s? Seems like the 2’s have got it this week.

Let’s have a look at the numbers that count……


2 seconds to go and Adelaide’s McGovern leaps up into the air, out of position with 6 other players and snatches the ball in the air. Then as he lands on his feet the siren goes!! He goes back and BANG straight through the middle and we have a Draw. It was only 35 minutes of official play early that they were 50 points down. A lot of confidence building there. A lot of dreams came true there for McGovern. You can’t tell me you didn’t dream as a kid or play in the back yard doing exactly that in your chosen sport.

2 minutes to go and 2,000 Port fans (half the crowd that went) are streaming out of the ground disappointed that their beloved Power had thrown an unlosable game to cement a spot in the finals. They get to the car though and they hear the amazing roar go up as if there is still 40,000 in the stadium. They turn and rush back, but OH NO!! they didn’t get a Pass Out and can’t get back in. They have missed one of the most perfect played 2 minutes of footy to be seen by a side, especially the last play with seconds to go. Ball thrown in, Ryder taps the ball over his head (Mick Redden or Rick Davies ish) and Robbie Gray runs onto the perfect tap into his arms, he runs through clear ground to the fifty and places the ball through the goals by only inches. Port get up for the win by 2 points

2 Brownlow’s was meant to be already in his grasp, that was until he pinned Kreuzer’s arm and takes him down on his head. Another classic MRP decision will follow. Going by past MRP decisions who the heck knows how they will see it. Of course, many say he will get off because he is Rodney Dangerfield and others will say he has to go via other decisions this year. Then of course others will be saying that if he was a peripheral player of any side he would be getting an automatic 2 games. Me, I think it was just an ugly tackle that caused both players to more trip and stumble over. Looked more like they fell to me rather than threw him into the dirt. Be interesting if he did get a game though as it also looks like Buddy might get a game and it’s the big Cats v Swans clash on Friday night.

2 nd favourite for the flag before round 19 in Sydney Swans take a tumble to the ever improving Hawks has seen them now drop down to 4th favourite whilst the Giants stumble to a win at home against a bottom 8 side Fremantle and come back up to 2nd favourite. Go figure hey.

2 our leader Mitch still hangs onto a 2 point lead (110) to a new 2nd spot tipster Rocky Barbaro (108) whilst Magilla has only managed 5 this week to drop to 3rd only hanging in by margin points to Rooster and David Lindsay (107). Then there is a further 6 tipsters on 106. A lot of good tipping to go this year yet. Maybe it is time to put more pressure and stress levels out there on you leaders by reminding you that you are playing for a first prize of $800 for 1st , $400 2nd and $150 for 3rd given as Eftpos cards.

2 x 2 = 4 tipsters managed a perfect 9 this week. Even with the couple of upsets we had. Those tipsters were YFF, Wicked Left Foot, Alan Pollnitz and our best with a 6 point margin of Friday night’s game TUSHY. Send me an email to arrange your weekly prize TUSHY.


Next round looks another ripper with the best coming last in SHOWDOWN XXVLVLIII Cant wait for that one!!!


Regards and catch you then.

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