Round 18 Results

Hey Footy fans,


It was always going to be a tough and interesting round with only the best tippers (or luckiest) coming through with the results. If you forgot to put your tips in this week well you picked a bad one to do it as there was only 1 win by an away team being the Hawks.


I have to mention: What a game of footy we witnessed on Friday night!! Sensational stuff by the Adelaide, the game was a ripper and the atmosphere was sensational! I was a bit nervous towards the end there for a second ha ha.


Let’s have a look at the numbers that count this week……


9 with a comp average of 4 this week 9 was just simply awesome and there was 3 of you, PJP, Simsy and Mitch, but none better than Mitch at a time he dearly needed it. Mitch was our leader a few rounds ago but dropped away. With his 9 this week it has catapulted him back to the lead whilst our other leaders only managed 7 and 6’s. PJP was out weekly winner though with the better Friday night margin.

Please contact me PJP to arrange your prize.


6 after being 0 and 6 after 6 rounds Sydney now sits in 6th spot after 18 rounds and has also now gone into 2nd favourite to win the flag behind the Crows. Going to be a very interesting clash in 3 games time when the Swans come and meet Adelaide at their home ground. The same game last year was a ripper when Adelaide prevailed by 10 points.


2 just when the side needs a champion player like Toby Greene in its side to consolidate a top 4 spot, he has to do a stupid thing like a jumper punch. Especially when the MRP has warned players. Now he is sitting on the side lines for 2 game.


35 you think Charlie Cameron is fast. Well yes he and his max dash speed has been recorded at about 35 kmh but let’s compare him to Bolt his average speed in the 100m dash is just over 37kmh and has a max speed of 44kmh. So if we saw Bolt race Charlie he will still beat him by near 20 meters.


3 whilst on this interesting fact - what about comparing them to an Olympic marathon runner. Not many players can run a 3km time trial in less than 9minutes and 30 seconds. In fact this time is amongst the best. Well if they could hold this speed of the 3 Km’s for the marathon distance it would only see them finish it in 2 hrs 32 mins.


5 whilst I thought the loss was certainly on the cards with all the players Melbourne had coming back but it was a devastating loss for the Power that has seen them drop to 5th spot. I say, come on Power, grab that 4th spot. Nothing I would like to see more than an a first round final game at AO followed up by an all South Australian GF at the G. (Clearly Darren wrote this)


how many top 8 teams the Peeeear have beaten after 18 rounds.


542 we don’t ever seem to hear much about Matt Crouch’s performance each week for the Crows. He just seems to quietly make his mark on a game continuing to get the aggot and moving it on by hand and foot. Did you know he sits 2nd on the most disposals list for the AFL at the moment with only Mitchell from the Hawks above him?


4 both Crows and Port have got some injuries at the wrong end of the season but none worse than Port losing Wingard for at least 4 games. Tough times.


ROUND 17  - It was brought to my attention that our Round 17 wrap was sadly missed. There were an AMAZING 6 of you to tip 9 perfect tips. The weekly winner though was Thainos getting the closest margin. Thainos please contact myself or Darren to collect your prize.


Hope you all have a great week and we will see you Friday.

Go Crows!

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