Round 18

Can you believe it 6 rounds to go footy lovers? And with that fact we are no clearer to the vision of what the 8 is going to look like let alone who possibly is favourite to win the flag this year. You ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers as to who will be playing off in the GF. Me, I am still hoping for a Crows V Port qualifying final at Adelaide Oval followed up by a Crows v Port Grand Final at the MCG. Oh would not that bring the state to a halt?

So bringing us into tipping this week it has got to be the toughest round of all time to pick the match ups this week. It would not surprise me at all if it ends up being an all home team round.

And it doesn't get any bigger than the first game of the round this week between ......


So it's the Crows versus the Cats on a Friday night prime time television and what prime time television it will be.  Could it be Sloan versus Dangerfield or could both these players not even come out onto the ground after all?  My feeling is they'll both be there and they'll both be giving it a red hot shot. Possibly though Dangerman may feel a strain on his ankle in the first 10 minutes and be out for the rest of the match and Sloan will just be running around in circles and we all would have wished he took the game off. 1st v 2nd and whoever wins is top of the ladder.  I can't wait to get there.  It's going to be absolute ripper of a game.  So for me, of course, it's going to be the Crows.

CROWS 57 pts



Next tough game to pick.  Roos might me sitting down the bottom, but they can shape and influence the final 8 and keep sides nervous.  The Bombers they show greatness at times, especially last week when they just came out of the blocks against St. Kilda.  Who would have possibly thought that the Bombers were going to do what they did last week.  Then there's games where they just suddenly go nowhere, while the Kangas, they just keep losing.  Not losing by much, but losing.  And we know what keeps you on the bottom of the ladder and that's losing.  I don't even understand why they're even talking about Scott being the next Magpie coach, surely he's just the next coach on the bottom of the pile.  But that's footy, and this game is a game where as I say I don't have any idea what's going to possibly happen.  Go the upset

ROOS 18 pts



Okay, next cracker game.  Demons pushing for a top 4, whilst still hanging onto top 8 position.  Then we have Power in the top 4 but in not much a different position than the Demons.  Commentators are even talking about Port being in the grand final.  I heard one guy in Melbourne saying it's going to be a Sydney vPort Adelaide grand final.  Port Adelaide aren't going to get there unless they win this game.  Sadly for them, Demons come into it on their home ground with three to four of their best players coming back into the side.  So that's going to be a pretty tough ask for the old Porties.  But they certainly have been doing well.  And when they went away last to West Coast they gave them a little touch up, so I think they might give Melbin a good little run for their money.  But at the end of the day sadly I feel that the Demons might just pick off a win here.

DEMONS 12 pts



So the Saints are going up to Sydney, going up north for a tough game. Maybe this is probably one of the easiest games to pick this week the way Sydney have been going after losing their first six and now having 9 wins out of the past 10 games, and pushing themselves into the eight, also, pushing themselves up to one of their favourites for the flag this year. A lot of the experts are saying that Sydney's going to be playing in the Grand Final now. Saints two weeks ago were the big killers. They were the big hot shot team coming in, and then Essendon made a mess of them last week and smash them. Going by that form, that weekly form mainly, you would have to say that the Swannies, especially with Franklin playing some of the best football he has ever played, would do the job. For me, it's

SWANS 23 pts



Roll on to the next tough one. Freo on their day, especially at home, certainly take teams for a good run. They were pretty disappointing last week though in the Derby game against the Eagles, but they don't usually get two of them in a row. And then we've got Hawthorn. They should've won last week. If they'd only kicked that final goal coming in, especially since I went for Hawks to win last week. But if Isaac Smith had of kicked true with seconds to go they would have won, and they'd be closing in on the eight. But now they have to win this game if they've really got any chance of cracking finals after their terrible start. I'm not thinking they will. I'm thinking the Dockers might just get up and get over them and I'm hoping for the home town crowd.

DOCKERS 18 pts



Oh, my gosh. See what I'm talking about? You talk about tough games this round. How about this one? GWS sitting third on the ladder and still premiership favourites, playing Tigers, who a lot of people think can finish top four finally this year. I feel it's a game where Richmond have really got to show they got the balls to play finals this year. They've got to win this game or they will be seen as the pretenders in the 8 (again), and especially now as GWS seem to be off the ball a bit at the moment. It's going to be tough. Personally, I hope to see the Giants come back and really show their might this week. I'll go for the

GIANTS 18 pts



Maggies get a win last week up in the warm weather of Gold Coast. Good on “em I say, something for poor old Bucky to put his hat on. West Coast also got a standard win at home and hang in the 8 by the skin off their teeth. Eagles never win 2 in a row though so cant see a win here.

MAGPIES 17 pts



So we finish off similar to how we started this round except at the other end of the scale. 2 bottoms dwellers fighting to keep off the bottom of the ladder. Carlton who taken collected 5 great scalps with the last being 5 weeks ago now and Brisbane who have surprised with the 3 scalps they have achieved. Brissy haven’t seen far off the mark and I am thinking up at home in front of their home crowd of 4,000 fans they may just get a win this week.

LIONS 21 pts

So there we have it round 18 in a nutshell.

Catch you next week and come on the Warfies tomorrow and more so the Crows tonight.

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