Round 17

It’s that time of the week already footy lovers.


Darren has prepared this week’s footy predictions. . He forgot to put his tips in for the first 4 rounds last week and was absolutely spewing he missed out on what would have been his first ever 9! Unlucky..


St Kilda v Essendon

Friday night footy, don't we love it? Well unless I am at the game my answer is a big NO! I am so over Wow Wee BT and the other so called commentators that just tell us their opinionated thoughts all the time instead of just good old commentating the footy like the greats of Dennis Cometti and KG Cunningham. But ok now I have had my little bitch let's have a look at this game. Saints are on a roll with 4 wins in a row that now sees them in 8 but on the other hand the Bombers on their day have been big killers. Bombers can easily win this game but I can't get myself to honestly think they will. Saints are fired up and ready for their 5th

Saints 23 pts


Geelong v Hawthorn

How about those draws hey for the Giants in the past 2 weeks, well amazingly now we have those 2 sides in the draws against the Giants playing themselves so how can you get a feel for this game with those results. Doesn't that mean that this game must be a draw as well?



Port Adelaide v North Melbourne

Satdee arvo footy at the mighty Adelaide Crowval. 

Power coming off a great win in the West and the Roos yet another less than a kick loss. Tell me I am wrong but since Scott has been there as coach haven't they been serial losers by terribly small margins, a side that just did not know how to win? That is until last year. They get 9 wins in a row at the start of the season to set up some finals games because they turned it around and won most their games by a small margin. Now though it's back to the old ways. Lucky for Power they will be the beneficiaries.

Power 2 pts (it pains me)


Gold Coast v Collingwood

Oh Bucks, oh Bucks what is the game plan and what is your game plan? Deep dark days at (the new) Victoria Park. But luckily he is still loved there and told he keeps his job. But the Sunnies have not really been much better bar a couple more wins. A good reason why the odds are only favouring the home team slightly.


An interesting stat: Number of wins after 129 games as coach:

66 - Nathan Buckley

66 - Mick Malthouse (premiership coach)

65 - Alastair Clarkson (premiership coach)

64 - Mark Thompson (premiership coach)


I say give Bucks a couple more years as coach, let him try and win that premiership no matter how long it takes.

Suns 18 pts


Greater Western Sydney v Sydney

You would have to say, after becoming the 2nd side in the VFL/AFL history, to get 2 draws in 2 weeks, the Giants have really failed badly these pass 2 games. Sitting on top of the table and experts calling them easily the best side and best option for the Granny and they can't get the job done. Then we have Sydney who after being bottom a few weeks ago have really put their foot down (after dropping Tippett, who the heck is Tippett?!) and pushed themselves in the 8. Seriously to me this is the hardest game to pick. Giants come out seething after their past 2 games and have a big win and make their mark. Or Sydney really show us that they should be the new favourites to play the Crows in the Granny. I have no idea and maybe it's GWS by 43 pts or Sydney by 15pts.

Swans 15 pts


Melbourne v Adelaide

1st vs 5th in the North and the heat and maybe the thunderstorms. Melb are used to it and the Crows their fist game in the top end. Melbourne has 4 wins in the past 5 and the Crows 3 wins in the past 5. Melbourne thrashing Crows at their home town, meant to be fortress, ground the last time they met. All points to Melbourne but who will win?

Crows 53 pts


Richmond v Brisbane

Yes Brisbane have shown some spunk at times this year and have had a couple of surprise wins and this adds up to them possibly doing it again. But the Tigers have surely got to hit back hard after being blown out of the water last week.

Tigers 21 pts


Carlton v Western Bulldogs

Looking at the past 5 games Carlton are on top. Bulldogs have been just so disappointing but surely they have to get the win here.

Dogs 18 pts


Fremantle v West Coast

The big Derby game. Well big for WA but not for us. The Eagles haven’t been so scary at home this year, with the Peeeear beating them last week, so I have no idea about these guys. Losing Pridis for the year won't help. I will go for the underdog.

Dockers 11 pts



Darren & Sam


P.S. Go you Crows!

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