Round 14 Results

Good Morning Tipsters,

Once again let’s put all the sides in a bucket throw them in the air and let’s see how they fall. That’s what it is like this year comp with favourites for anything changing each week.

After this weekend now you would say that a certainly is a GWS v Port Power Grand Final after a very close loss of Melbourne in the Prelim Final.

But that is only this week. Next week it will all change again.

The other message of the weekend is the games that got away.

Let’s look at the numbers that count………


4 as said last week this season has given us the closest results in VFL/AFL history since 1926 and soon we will take over even 1926 with yet another 4 games

3 and out of those 4 we had 3 teams come from behind and win in the last 1 minute of the game and lucky it was not 4 with Bulldogs hanging on by 1 point after Roos kicked the last 4 goals in the game. What is it with all these come from behind wins as well.

2nd week in a row. Still going on the closeness on the competition. With Hawthorn knocking off Adelaide last Thursday night, It was the 2nd week in a row that the 17th side on the ladder has beaten the top side

1 of the 2 down and out yet they can still come from 6 goals down to steel victory. It was said that it could never be in Geelong’s 2 player side.  I am talking about Dangerwood!

31 can’t let it go by without mentioning Port’s brilliant game on the weekend. Yes Collingwood might be one of the lowly sides this year but any convincing win like this to Collingwood on the MCG is still a great win. Yet another side that shows that with their best they also can win the flag this year.

39 The Giants were the biggest winners of the round and Cameron has again shown his class. He booted another 4 goals this week to now take a 3 goal lead in the Coleman medal race.

2 Adelaide may have lost a game they and we didn’t want to lose but work horses Matt Crouch and Rory Laird certainly maintained their ball getting skills and both these 2 stay in the top 4 disposals list of the AFL behind Tom Mitchell (Haw) and Zac Merrett (Ess).

80 and we have a new leader magilla has buckled under the pressure with a 4 this week, his 3rd 4 in the past 4 rounds with the other round being a 3. With these results, he has not been able to consolidate at top spot so in comes Mitch. But he cannot rest, because there are 15 tipsters within 4 of top spot and 24 within 5. Still a lot of footy left yet.

9 OH MY LORD!!!!!! A perfect round of selecting. How the heck have you managed that extension (how did you come up with that name?) and also I cannot believe there was 17 tipsters that scored 8 also amazing. I think with that amazing result extension that I may not only give you the ODV Sherrin a bottle of wine is in order as well. Ensure you contact us.


There is still more footy to come this season and I am sure more heart stopping finishes.


Ps. There is a few of you weekly winners they have not been in contact to arrange your prize. If this is you please let us know.


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