Round 1 Results

Well the first round is done and dusted hey just like another one of my cricket seasons and can I say firstly thanks to all the people that asked how my Grand Final went but I cannot blame the latest of this round 1 wrap because I won the GF. In fact we lost and lost badly. Just means I have to play another season now!

Enough about me though we should have a look at round 1 and as per usual let’s do it by looking at the……

Numbers that Count!


2 sensational wins by our 2 local sides on the weekend will make all doubters have a sly concern. I had my thoughts Port could do this against Sydney as they are bad starters but I still couldn’t quite pick them. The highlight for me out of this game was what seems to be an emergence of a new cult hero, who I am told by Lee in the office, has already won the Rising Star award this year and that is Pepper the Pig. Hopefully Port will continue bringing home the bacon this year.

Pepper Pig


7 And as for the Crows just a brilliant start. But come on up to half time they had 7 missed set shots at goal! With Charlie missing 3 at less than 30 metres. WT! Yes they did improve in the 2nd half kicking 14-1 to finish off the Giants.

100 was great to see some real attacking footy on the weekend with all the winning sides, bar 1, kicking over 100 points and then they only one that didn’t in Brisbane still kicked 98. Should be a great season if that keeps up.

7 again a big call from Lee at ODV.  It’s all over, Kennedy has won the Coleman medal. He was sensational starting his account with 7. Can he get the ton this year is the question?

1 We have to give great credit to the Crow girl’s (not Cowgirls) on the weekend. What a fantastic start to the new AFLW comp and then to top it off Erin Phillips winning all the awards. My highlight was a photo in the Sunday Mail seeing Port Adelaide great Greg Phillips proudly wearing a Crow’s shirt. Very Nice!

3 Brownlow points a plenty for all our favourites. Dangerfield, Fyffe, Mitchell and of course Dusty Martin. It is a pity that 3 is the most you can get as last Thursday night Dusty’s performance was so dominant he should have got 6.

8 this week’s first weekly winner is LESLEY who scored on the surface an impressive 8 but digging deeper she did get a bit lucky with as she forgot to put her tips in for the first 6 games and 5 of these winners were the away sides. With this is mind I may this round award 2 weekly winners who will both pick up our new weekly prize of an ODV Mini Sherrin, and this other winner is WALLY who picked a super impressive 7 that even came with a perfect winning margin on the Richmond win. There were also 5 other impressive 7’s


IF LESLEY and WALLY could please give me a return email I will arrange their prize for them.


Round 2 is nearly upon us as Richmond score another Thursday night game this week against Collingwood this time so Sam and I will be speaking to you all again tomorrow.


Catch you then.

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