Grand Final Edition

Oh my lord here we go, off to the final shindig the Grand Final!

Well that is where I am going on satdee, some people are going to a Big Dance on satdee, not sure why don’t they know the Grand Final is on???

I was lucky enough to get myself a couple of tickets so I will be heading off tomorrow for the nervous drive. I was thinking at why I am nervous this time round as I certainly wasn’t when I went to the 1997 and the 1998 grand finals. I think it’s just because this is the first one we have been in that we are actually favourites and finished top.

The pressure is all on us, as the underdog can always say, “oh well Adelaide were the best performing team” if they lose.

How sad is it for Smith and McGovern not to be able to play? McGovern makes all us Crows fans happy by resigning and then he pulls a hamstring and doesn’t get to play another game. ☹

Yet another reason why all players in the squad should receive premiership medallions if they happen to win. Just not fair that they don’t.

So what do you think about the game? Who do you think will win?

Interesting stat I heard yesterday on a sport show. Paul Seedsman is the 2nd recruit from Collingwood to play in a Crows Grand Final. The other was Brett James and he also wore the number 11. Now doesn’t that mean we are going to win?

If you haven’t seen on our facebook page we have had Teddy Betts in the office with us today getting ready for his trip to Melb. If you haven’t seen him get onto our facebook page or even just facebook and search for #teddybetts He has had a fun week.

So let’s do it again like last week, let’s give away another 3 ODV Mini Sherrins to the closest winning margin and winning team.

For the record, this is how I see it going.

The game opens up with big Tex Walker kicking the opening goal in the first 2 minutes with a bomb outside 50 and it's game on. ¼ time Crows up by 3 points and half time the scores are level. ¾ quarter is the Crows finest where they just blast the Tigers away and snap their spirit. Up by 8 goals going into the last quarter when we, the Adelaide supporters, can just start to enjoy the moment.

Crows win by 61 points again like last week. And the party begins!

So there it is from me. What is your prediction?

And for the record Teddy Betts totally agrees with me!!!


TeddyBetts              Darren and Teddy Betts   Lauren and Teddy Betts

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