What a game and What a night last Fridee!!

Crows are there and they certainly are a big threat to take it out.

As you know both these sides have not played in a Grand Final for quite a while but did you know that this is only the 2nd time in VFL/AFL history that out of the 2 sides playing in the grand final there is no players that have actually ever played in one before. And can you guess when the other one was?.......... Yes you are right, the first Grand Final there ever was.

Quite a stat I reckon.

So who is the winner of our ODV Mini Sherrin comp picking the correct margin of the Crows game?

Firstly,let me say I was thrilled with how many people emailed back with their selection and I am now more thrilled to say that the closest margin winner was me!!!!!! Yes with my selection of 43 points win by the Crows I was the closest. You all thought I was mad didn’t ya?

The next best were;

Angelo Amici 41 pts

Domenic Martino 35 pts

Michael Warland 25 pts

These guys have all won themselves a mini ODV Sherrin.


I best check our stocks but watch this space as I reckon we best have another little comp for this weeks game.


Ps. Get onto facebook and search #teddybetts he is getting up and amongst it this week.

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