Footy Tips Winners



While  we (or me anyway) are hoping to be grinners after tonight's game these guys are grinners already Mitch, Rocky and One of the Best.  And of course they are out Footy Tipping Competition winners this year.

Here they are collecting their prizes with a grin from ear to ear.  Well done fellas!!

Our first time winner Mitch collecting his little ODV Sherrin and $800




Rocky also grabbing the ODV Sherrin and $400.  This is the second time in a couple of years that he has come runner up.  But he said I don't mind continuing being a bridesmaid scoring 4 hundy each time!



Couldn't quite get the big ranking smile ouf of OOTB but he was certainly chuffed at scoring the$100 and the Mini Sherrin.  As his call sign said he certainly was One Of The Best.

One Of The Best



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